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Category:    Home > Reviews > Animation > Anime > Adventure > Anthology > Science Fiction > Fantasy > Art > Shikizakura: Complete Collection (2021)/Short Peace (2013/reissue/anthology/both Sentai Blu-rays)

Shikizakura: Complete Collection (2021)/Short Peace (2013/reissue/anthology/both Sentai Blu-rays)

Picture: B+/A Sound: C+ Extras: C- Main Programs: B+/A

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Kakeru was just a normal Japanese high school boy until one day he runs into a shrine maiden Oka and he is transformed into a 'hero' with a mystical power suit. Kakeru then learns of a secret war going on between the humans and 'Oni's'. Oni's are creatures from another dimension and they steal the heart, soul and bodies of humans to enter our world. Kakeru teams up with a group of other young fighters to fight back and send the Oni's back to their realm in Shikizakura: Complete Collection (2021.)

Kakeru is a sole survivor of an Oni attack years ago, now he is part of a secret organization with mystical power armor. Kakeru's armor however is unique, only his armor possesses a mind of its own, a consciousness. Ibara and he craves battle, Kakeru makes a deal with Ibara to let him use his body if he lets him use his power and together, they will become 'heroes'. At first, the team reject Kakeru and wants to seal away Ibara, but then after saving them (again) they realize Kakeru is more than just talk. As Kakeru gets stronger, he learns Oka's fate as a shrine maiden is to sacrifice herself to forever seal off the Oni dimension, Kakeru reject the organization's plan and is determined to save everyone, including Oka.

This anime was your typical young boy gets super powers and wants to becomes a hero. As he grows, he discovers what it means to be a 'true' hero.

The 1080p 1.78 X 1 digital High Definition image transfer looks very good and colorful, as one would expect for a new production and has some solid detail and depth, while the DTS-HD MA (Master Audio) Japanese 2.0 Stereo lossless mix is better than the English dub also included and has Pro Logic-like surrounds.

Extras include clean opening and closing animations and trailers. Episodes include:

Hope/Start: Kakeru one day discovers a secret group of warriors in mystical armored power armor and now he possesses a unique suit of his own, Ibara.

United Front/Tag: At first Kakeru is rejected because he is an outsider, a 'commoner', but Kakeru is determined to become 'hero' and makes a deal with Ibara, to use his power and they will become heroes.

Flight/Jump: Haruko faces her past an insecurity of being an athlete, on facing her fears, her suit evolves to the next level, her suit turns into a flight form.

Family/Brother: Can Kakeru keep his secret from his best friend Kippei that he is now a hero? Kippei, who is like a brother to Kakeru and he taught Kakeru everything?

Black Team/Sister: Oka's older sister arrives and 'tests' Kakeru and Ibara to see if he is worthy of protecting Oka.

Partner/Ibara: Kakeru and Ibara must prove they can co-exist, because Ibara is an 'Oni' spirit within the power armor and therefore a danger and eventually destroy Kakeru.

Smile/Real: Kakeru takes the team out for 'hero training' by putting on a hero show for kids.

Dearest Wish/Mother: Ryu discovers his 'mother' is an Oni, and his real mother was consumed 5 years, but can he kill an Oni that has the face of his mother?

Escape/Stop: Kakeru and Oka elopes. Kakeru finds out Oka's mother is the one who saved him years ago, however Oka is supposed to be a 'sacrifice' to forever close the gates to the Oni realm.

Determination/Re: Start: Oka resigns to her fate, believing her sacrifice is the only way to save mankind. Kakeru is determined however to change Oka's fate.

Pulse/Climax: Oka's father reveals he had never planned to seal away the Oni's realm, but he planned to use Oka to take control and absorb all the Oni's powers and become a god. Kakeru and Oka's friends fight the hordes of Oni, but Oka's father absorbs Kakeru and Oka.

and Future? Shikizakura: While Kakeru and Oka are inside Oka's father he shows them a dream world where all their wishes are granted if they submit to him, but both Kakeru and Oka realizes it's only an illusion and rejects him. Kakeru and Oka emerge from Oka's father's body and along with all their friends they destroy Oka's father and Ibara makes the final sacrifice to close the Oni gates.

Short Peace (2013) is a reissue of a Blu-ray from Sentai we covered years ago and we were curious to see any differences. Based on works from the author/creator of Akira and holds up very well since we last looked at it. You can read more about its four stories from our previous review here:


Apparently the same transfer, the lossless Japanese DTS-HD MA (Master Audio) 5.1 mix, better than the English dub, does not hold up as well as the picture, but is still fine enough and the release is too important to not have in print. The original included postcards that this is lacking and is going for a very, very high amount of money. Ironically, the new Akira 4K release (unreviewed, but not bad off of a 35mm internegative versus the better original camera negative) also has poorer sound than the previous Blu-ray (reviewed elsewhere on this site) with its still amazing, lossless, Dolby TrueHd 5.1 at 192/24. The 4K version's sound has reduced bits that hurt the presentation. Hopefully, if Sentai reissues Short Peace in 4K, we'll get the same audio or better.

- Ricky Chiang


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