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Category:    Home > Reviews > Action > Heist > Cars > Revenge > Comedy > Camp > Alien > 3D > Science Fiction > Fast X 4K (2023 aka Fast & Furious 10/Universal 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray w/Blu-ray)/Robot Monster 3D (1953/Bayview Blu-ray3D w/Blu-ray2D and Anaglyph 3D)

Fast X 4K (2023 aka Fast & Furious 10/Universal 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray w/Blu-ray)/Robot Monster 3D (1953/Bayview Blu-ray3D w/Blu-ray2D and Anaglyph 3D)

4K Ultra HD Picture: B+ 3D Picture: A- Picture: B Sound: B+/B- Extras: C/B Films: C

Louis Leterrier's Fast X 4K (2023, aka Fast & Furious 10) is the latest in the endless releases of the over-bloated franchise that is finally starting to run low on gas. Having gone way overbudget, Vin Diesel (what happened to his career?) recycles his character to the point where even he looks bored. In the opening sequence, he is joined in flashback by his best friend (a horrid CGI version of the late Paul Walker that looks unnatural, distressed and is more morbid than you might think) in a caper going badly. One reason is a new adversary (Jason Momoa, easily outacting the whole cast) who will go after the remaining 'family' team for the long, long 140 minutes we get stuck with.

Rita Moreno and Helen Mirren get paychecks for brief appearances as the rest of the cast (including Michele Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, John Cena, Ludacris, Jordana Brewer, Brie Larson, Charlize Theron, Scott Eastwood and many more look lost and/or the reshoots, climbing budgets and the makers not knowing what to do with all this anymore makes this one go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on. The two big later action sequences want to top key moments in and the 1989 James Bond film Licence To Kill, but fail miserably.

The only highlight for me was Momoa's character tormenting everyone, especially Diesel. There are other 'surprises' here and there, but this is so beyond tired and predictable, only the biggest fans will find anything here.

Extras are still many and (per the press release) include:

  • THIS IS FAMILY: Family bonds are always the strongest. Reunite with your favorite FAST family members as we introduce new characters, travel across continents, reveal intimate views of epic stunts, and get personal about the beginning of the end of the FAST franchise.

  • FAST BREAKS: SCENE BREAKDOWNS WITH LOUIS LETERRIER: Director Louis Leterrier gives insight into some of the magic that went into making FAST X, breaking down how he filmed these unforgettable action scenes in legendary locations around the world.

  • XTREME RIDES OF FAST X: In FAST, we cast cars like we cast characters. Take a closer look at how classic FAST cars were rebuilt for FAST X, and which new vehicles are customized and introduced to enhance the lifeblood of the franchise.

  • BELLES OF THE BRAWL: The women of FAST X are not to be messed with. Watch as they add their special talents to huge fight scenes, from rehearsal to the real thing.

  • TUNED INTO RIO: Revisit FAST's past as our story takes us back to Rio de Janeiro, where we'll experience a non-stop party, exotic cars, and a classic FAST quarter mile street race.

  • JASON MOMOA: CONQUERING ROME: Jason Momoa joins the FAST franchise to portray a villain that pushes the team to the brink of disaster. Watch as Momoa discusses his approach to the character, biking down the narrow streets of Rome, and performing his own stunts.

  • LITTLE B TAKES THE WHEEL: Get to know the youngest member of the Toretto family as we dive into Little B's journey in FAST X and introduce Leo Abelo Perry.

  • A FRIEND IN THE END: The FAST franchise has a history of shocking end-credit tags, and FAST X is no different. We take a special look at this scene and why, if you're watching a FAST movie, you never want to get up before the end credits are finished!






Phil Tucker's Robot Monster 3D (1953) is considered one of the worst films ever made, though that is a criticism from the days we used to have much higher expectations for feature films than we do now. One of the early movies considered 'so bad its good' offers a deadly alien killer called 'Ro-Man' (a guy in a gorilla outfit, wearing a bad space helmet!) with a deadly use of a new invention called television to warn the world he is coming to destroy everything and take over.

When you are not laughing, you too will be perplexed as to how and why this was ever made, an idea so basic that there is comedy filler in the first few minutes before the actual narrative story begins. Then the madness begins, but not what many might expect.

The unknown cast tries their version of acting, but to little avail. The real star here is the 3D effects, rendered even better than I have ever seen them since this is the first time the original 3D 35mm film materials (the only surviving set left!) have been found and brought to home video. That means those old analog TV broadcasts when you picked up the red/blue (or red/green glasses, depending) at your participating local convenience store (local chain, et al) to see it in 3D and it did not work did not work for a reason. The full elements were not used!

Fortunately, Bayview Home Entertainment have issued it for this new home video release on a single disc offering a new Blu-ray3D transfer, new Blu-ray2D transfer and a red/blue Anaglyph 3D version you can play on all TV sets. No matter how bad a movie, it is a must-see, especially in 3D!

Extras include the anaglyphic red/blue glasses to see the older 3D without a Blu-ray3D system, then 3-D BONUS FEATURES INCLUDE...

  • STARDUST IN YOUR EYES (1953): Robot Monster's original prologue starring Slick Slaven aka Trustin Howard. New 4K scan from the left/right 35mm master positives.

  • MEMORIES OF A POOPED-OUT PINWHEEL (2022): Greg Moffett shares his personal recollections of filming on location over a period of four days in March 1953.

  • TRAVELS THROUGH TIME & SPACE (2023): Newly curated vintage slide presentation from Stereoscopic Anthropologist, Hillary Hess

  • ADVENTURES IN 3-D (1953): Newly restored Golden Age 3-D Comic Book, presented in association with Carl Scheckel at Carl's Comix. [Incredibly well drawn and done!!!]

  • Plus additional trailers, vintage shorts, and a restoration demo!


  • SAVING SLICK (2023): Sean Thrunk's new documentary short explains how 1950's nightclub comedian Slick Slaven is reminded of his long-forgotten act and identity when his lost 3-D film is revived in 2003.

  • JOE DANTE, TRAILERS FROM HELL (2013): 1956 MONSTER FROM MARS reissue trailer hosted by Joe Dante, courtesy of Trailers from Hell

  • MISTAKES & INNOVATIONS (2023) - Bob Furmanek describes the original day-for-night footage and Phil Tucker's innovative use of "Double Film" aka "3-D Blinkey."

  • RESCUING RO-MAN (2023): This documentary short by filmmaker Sean Thrunk tells how an accidental discovery of two forgotten 35mm prints in 1990 saved the only complete 3-D footage.

  • FEATURE LENGTH COMMENTARY TRACK (2022) with Greg Moffett, Mike Ballew, Eric Kurland and Lawrence Kaufman.

  • WAS I A MAN (2022): New song by The Other Favorites, aka Josh Turner and Carson McKee, played during the post-feature restoration credits and memorabilia gallery.

  • MEMORABILIA GALLERY (2023): Created by Charles Barnard with original newspaper ads, posters, lobbycards and publicity photographs.

  • And BELA LUGOSI - YOU ASKED FOR IT (July 27, 1953): Appearance on live television, newly restored.

Now for playback performance. The 2160p HEVC/H.265, 2.35 X 1, Dolby Vision/HDR (10; Ultra HD Premium)-enhanced Ultra High Definition image on Fast X 4K is not bad, but not great and just better than the 1080p 2.35 X 1 digital High Definition image transfer on the regular Fast X Blu-ray. Take the motion blur from the HD shoot and add other softness and some really bad CGI digital visual effects and this is far from the best-looking film in the series. The images are just tripping over themselves and each other to try to outdo each other when its just the same shallow phoniness over and over again.

The Dolby Atmos 11.1 (Dolby TrueHD 7.1 mixdown for older systems) is also shocking a wreck with uneven mixing, uneven recording, overhead speakers being barely used and other mixing choices that range between really bad to really bizarre. The combination is one of the oddest and poorest in any big budget commercial film we've run into in a while.

The 1080p 1.33 X 1 MVC-encoded 3-D - Full Resolution and anaglyphic red/blue 3D digital High Definition images on Robot Monster 3D comes from the only surviving, full 3D 35mm film elements and its reputation as one of the best and most effective 3D feature films veer made is not hype. It is very effective, well done and more than lives up to its reputation as one fo the best such films ever made, as bad as the actual film is. Even the 1080p 1.33 X 1 black & white digital High Definition image transfer of the 2D version is in remarkably clean, clear shape for its age or any film its age. It can almost be as surprising as the 3D version on that level. Overall, an incredible restoration and preservation that delivers more than you would expect.

The DTS-HD MA (Master Audio) 2.0 Mono lossless mix on the film is shockingly uncompressed and clearer than I expected. That the sound (including music by Elmer Bernstein!) has survived this well is amazing, but it helps add the great image fidelity in all three presentations. The combination will impress everyone.

- Nicholas Sheffo


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