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The Work Of Directors Label - Limited Edition Set Bonus DVD


Picture: C+     Sound: C+     Extras: B-     Bonus Programming: B-



After the great introduction of Directors Label collections of Music Videos and other short films and commercials by Spike Jonze, Chris Cunningham and Michel Gondry in three memorably packaged collections, Palm Pictures has reissued all three collections in a new Work Of Directors boxed set.  The DVDs come in single cases this time, with the thick, well-produced booklets in their own section of the box.  The new features include a double-sided poster and a fourth DVD that updates what the filmmakers have roughly done in the past year outside of any feature film work.


The 4th DVD comes in a slender case (the kind a few millimeters thick) and offers the following:


Spike Jonze directs:


1)     Y Control (Uncut Version) by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

2)     Island Of The Sun by Weezer

3)     Invisible Boards (excerpt from Yeah Right! – A Girl Skateboard film co-directed by Rick Howard)


Michel Gondry directs:


4)     I Wonder – The Willowz

5)     Ossamuch! – Kishu & Co. (original short)



And in place of any work from Cunningham, who did not work on Alex Proyas’ I, Robot despite reasonable impressions to the contrary, an in-store interview with all three directors prior to the first release of their collections is here in a sadly under 9.5 minutes segment that axes out answers to audience questions.  There was room for more content, but this is still nice enough.  Whether it justifies buying a whole box to get the three titles all over again is another story, as they sold well, but certainly not in the millions and millions they deserve and may eventually sell into.


Y Control has mock Horror violence in a purposely color-poor video that is reminiscent of the Samuel Bayer look.  Island Of The Sun previously was featured on the Weezer DVD Video Capture Device that offered more live clips than Videos like this, as they do not like doing them much.  That’s sad, as they do so many good ones.  Invisible Boards is a slick clip that has the stereotypical skateboarding footage with the twist that the boards themselves have been “somehow” removed, though the skaters are boarding on something.  I Wonder is a monochrome clip that shows the fun of Gondry’s Lucas With The Lid Off, if not that brilliant.  I still liked it.  Ossamuch! Is a celebration of 16mm shooting we see little of and looks great in a fun clip on the city streets, in a business district, with some wild dancing, music and Gondry at the drums.


In all cases, the image is 1.33 x 1 full screen with Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo throughout.  The formats vary, with the interview from NTSC digital footage being the weakest, but still relatively clean, if over-edited.  Jack Black shows up too.  That is more than on par with the previous three sets.  Up to four more directors will be featured in the next volumes of these Directors Series releases and if they are as great as all of these releases, we cannot wait.  To read about the previous installments, click on to the following links:













If you do not have any of these DVDs, get this box immediately!!!



-   Nicholas Sheffo

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