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The Exploited - Beat ĎEm All (Punk Rock Music)


Picture: C+†††† Sound: B-†††† Extras: B†††† Main Program: C



The immediacy of punk resulted in a lot of unskilled bands trying to pick up where acts like the Stooges and the New York Dolls left off by taking the volume and anarchy to another level, and leaving off the glam and any ties to classic rock.Some bands were able to at least differentiate themselves from other acts by using a certain look or finding a new angle to present the music.On the other hand, you had bands that adhered to the formula of their recent predecessors and helped to form a permanent image of what ďtrueď punk would be.The Exploited are one of the latter.Despite the many years this band has been around, time hasnít really affected their songwriting or performance skills.In their eyes, all thatís required of them is to play loud and fast.That may cut it for the majority of the punk world, but you can have both of those things and still infuse them with talent... The Exploited never quite seem to manage that.Here they are again with their new DVD, Beat ĎEm All.


With many punks, actual musical skill is not usually a requirement, and often seems to be almost frowned upon.This band seems the type who looks down on progress as something that waters down the energy of their music. In many cases, this can be true - as ďprogressionĒ can easily lead to a musical gloss coat and eventual conformity by the artists.But to exist as a unit for such a long time and never really diversify or expand on a boring, tired routine is suicide.The Exploited donít really seem to care, and are content to kick a dead horse and carry on the remnants of punk for years to come.


It isnít that punk was never relevant - but itís been many years since itís eruption, and the point of the whole thing has been lost on many people.The meaning behind it started to waver as followers began to flood in and dilute whatever relevance there originally was.The Exploited were one of the bands that stepped in, aspiring to emulate what had been done before and just have a good time being punks.But after a while, more bands like this sprung up and choked out the individuality and creativity that was originally present, resulting in an artistic drought that has never really been lifted.


Anyway - back to the topic at hand.The actual program here was filmed pretty well, and the picture is very clear for concert footage, so it does get props for that much.†† But when you get down to the music - song after song seems to blend together, resulting in a very boring experience.The performers donít even get that into it. Granted, at least a couple members are getting up there in terms of age, but they could have given much more than they did.Instead, they remain mostly stationary for a good portion of the show.The audience also doesnít seem quite so responsive to the music for most of the time - but itís hard to tell, as theyíre not exactly the focal point, and the camera angle is often changing.The sound quality is also pretty good, and is even in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound.


The extras include a lot of information - such as a biography, discography, screensavers, pictures, etc., etc.However, youíll no doubt be able to find all of this online - the bio is even taken directly from their labelís webpage.An interview is also included - but good luck understanding most of what is said - most of what bandleader Wattie says is almost incoherent.


If youíre a casual fan of the band, Iím not sure youíll be that interested in picking this up.But, if youíre a hardcore fan and have to own the bandís entire output, I suppose that there are worse things you could spend your money on.However, youíre probably better off saving your cash for when they come near you and seeing them live for yourself.



-†† David Milchick


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