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Morning 40 Federation (CD/Rock)


Sound: B     Music: B-



Bands are still out there keeping (or trying to keep) Rock music alive and some of them know this means having a muddied sound on purpose.  Not the kind of overdone bass so overly familiar to the Hip-Hop genre, but the kind of mud more typical of The Rolling Stones or the many Punk bands of the 1970s.  The self-titled album Morning 40 Federation is a big fan of that sound, intoxication included.


In one way, it is covering the same ground we have heard before, but guess what, so are the people living the lifestyle.  Beyond that then, what does the album have to offer?  Well, as far as the tracks go, they are:


1)     Introduction

2)     Gotta Nickle

3)     Headlamp

4)     Bottom Shelf Blues

5)     Stinky

6)     Jimmy Cousins

7)     9th Ward

8)     One In the Bottle

9)     Nuts

10)  Frenchy

11)  Chex It

12)  Chilli Cheese Fries

13)  Professional

14)  Sorry Mom



So the titles do not suggest anything too challenging, but this is Rock and that is not the point.  There is a touch of New Wave here by way of Punk, but bluesy Rock is the best way to describe the tracks.  The Blues part is never so overbearing that it eclipses the Rock, and this is not as much of a throwback as it might seem.  The album is best aimed at fans of this type of Rock, but the band will have to go further on their next work if they intend to make a career out of this sort of thing.  The PCM 2.0 Stereo sound is solid enough, so we’ll see what they come up with next.  In the meantime, Morning 40 Federation is worth a listen.



-   Nicholas Sheffo


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