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Category:    Home > Reviews > Comedy > Fantasy > Intervista (Fellini)

Federico Felliniís Intervista


Picture: B-†††† Sound: B-†††† Extras: B†††† Film: B



One word that could probably sum of Felliniís 1987 film Intervista would be Ďcollageí.The film serves as a collage of the filmmakerís career and in essence his life.His life has he lived it was for making films, which for anyone who has a passion for filmmaking can certainly understand and relate.


The film involves a Japanese film crew who is interviewing Fellini as well as incorporating Fellini regulars like Anita Ekberg and of course the always brilliant Marcello Mastroianni.If Felliniís 8 1/2 was the inside version of making a film, than this film serves as an inside look at the filmmaker who made films.


I would suspect that it would be helpful to be familiar with Felliniís work in order to truly understand and enjoy Intervista.For those that are fans of Fellini than this will serve as a brilliant reminiscent of a lifeís work and perhaps even re-spark those moments when you embarked on a journey into Felliniís fantastic world of adventure, love, passion, mystery, and desire.


The film is presented here in an anamorphically enhanced 1.85 X 1 transfer and looks quite good for the most part.There are some minor problems mostly in the detail department.You can notice a bit of pixelation of softness occurring at the edges of just about everything, which could be described as edge-enhancement issues.Colors seem slightly darker in some scenes, but that could have been a production intention.I think that the film has been slightly modified in the cropping as well, which took the original 1.66 X 1 transfer and converted to 1.85 X 1.


The film has been remixed for Dolby Digital 5.1, which brings a nice dimension to some of the wonderful music during the film. Most of the dialogue stays centered for the duration and only some spatialness is given to add depth, but overall not too shabby for a remix, especially for a film that was a Dolby A-type analog theatrical release.


Koch has supplied a nice little handful of extras including a documentary by Vincenzo Mollica, which serves as a nice appendix to the film.There are photos from the set that can be skimmed through if you are really curios and the trailer, which is in full frame.Yellow subtitles are a nice addition to the film as well and look great.


Fellini is one of my favorite filmmakers so itís hard to really judge whether this will appeal to most people.I can say that if you are not familiar with Fellini that you will not get much out of this, but that should not stop you from trying out a few Fellini films and brush up on some world cinema.Most people start with La Dolce Vita or perhaps La Strada, for me the film that reeled me in was 8 1/2, just because I could relate so well with the film, the characters, the story, and also understand that sometimes its ok to not have everything in life figured out.It would seem that even at the end of his career that Fellini still did not have everything figured out and he was fine with that.He was fine with just making a few memorable and magical moments that shall still enchant viewers for years to come.



-†† Nate Goss


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