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Game Over – The Complete Collection


Picture:  C+     Sound: C+     Extras: C     Episodes: C+



It seems despite some serious attempts to make computer graphics and television work well since the credits of the disappointing 1980s anthology series Amazing Stories, CG graphics and series television have not found that magical mix.  We do not count the few Animé series that have been made in Japan, all of which have been forgettable.


Some shows were just too stale and slow (like the Johnny Quest revival and Max Steel) or comedies that were ambitious and did not pan out (Father Of The Pride).   Endless attempts have been unsuccessfully made to meld the big money world of video games and film or TV.  One that looks like the more successful (and non-video game world of) the hit feature film The Incredibles (2004) is Game Over.


Eventually picked up by the UPN Network, the all CG series lasted only six shows.   The premise has a NASCAR-riding digital father, karate-fighting mother, skateboarding daughter and insecure son.  Voices include Lucy Lu, Patrick Warburton, Rachel Dracht and several guest voices, all who help make the now-dated animation seem more alive than it should.  It has some jokes that work, including those that are for then-gamers only and others that are just too obvious and formulaic to work.  It can be amusing at times and that is why it is worth a look for those who might be interested.  The episodes are:


1)     Meet The Smashenburns

2)     Basic Win-Stincts

3)     All Work & All Play

4)     Into The Woods

5)     Alice & The C.A.T.s

6)     Monkey Dearest



The show fared so poorly that the last show was never aired, but the show was at least onto something.  The main problem is that you have to have an encyclopedia on video games to really get the jokes and have read said document for the show to work.  That is why it might become a cult item down the line.  Anchor Bay is good at releasing those kinds of titles, so it should be right at home in their catalog.


The 1.33 X 1 image shows its age in fidelity as well as animation, with some detail limits and a limited color range.  The material used for the transfers is in fine shape.  The Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo has very limited surround information, which is a shame, because sound could have been used as a tool to bring out the comedy better as was the case with The Incredibles.  The combination is as interesting as yesterday’s arcade game.  Extras include character profiles on both DVDs, a nice color booklet in the DVD case, stills on the crew on DVD 1, how the animation was layered with a multi-angle function on DVD 1, and DVD 2 adds a “watch closely” function and trivia game.  The show was ambitious and though it is ultimately a mixed success, Game Over will find new play on DVD sooner or later and be recognized as some kind of transitional work in a few years.



-   Nicholas Sheffo


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