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Fighting With Kit Carson (1933 Western Serial)


Picture: C     Sound: C     Extras: C     Chapters: C+



Johnny “Mack” Brown found his early success in Western serials at Mascot, and Fighting With Kit Carson (1933) is one of them.  It may not be as exciting or interesting as the Nat Levine-produced Three Musketeers with John Wayne from the same studio in the same year, but it is the kind of serial that was part of the development of the form.  Carson survives the daring robbery of a government gold shipment, one that nearly kills him.  He turns around for revenge and to finish the delivery by finding where the stolen goods are, even if he has to get The Mystery Riders to help.


The problem is that hey too are outlaws, but it takes one to know one, though the villains intend to throw a twist into the proceedings by recruiting native Americans to fight Carson’s group and any other “white men” that get in the way.  Carson is even framed!  The manipulations are interesting and help the cliffhangers to be more effective.  Though the “Indians” date this quite a bit, this moves well for its age.  The chapter are:


1)     The Mystery Rider

2)     The White Chief

3)     Hidden Gold

4)     The Silent Doom

5)     Murder Will Out

6)     The Secret Of Iron Mountain

7)     The Law Of The Lawless

8)     Red Phantoms

9)     The Invisible Enemy

10)  Midnight Magic

11)  Unmasked!

12)  The Trail To Glory



The 1.33 X 1 monochrome full frame image shows its age and is lucky to be in the shape it is in, with varying quality throughout.  Some footage is in really bad shape, but it looks better in many sections than worse.  Mascot was one of the companies that merged to become Republic and this is one of their early successes, and since Lion’s Gate is not issuing these serials, someone else should.  The Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono is just as aged, with background noise throughout.  It is not as “hot” as many an untreated film soundtrack we have heard on DVD, but it is limited, while optical flutter is noticed in places.  The only extras are text biographies of three of the actors and two directors, plus trailers for three other serials and a general VCI Serial trailer.  With DC Comics making a comeback, the trailer for the Columbia serial based on their Blackhawk character is especially interesting.



-   Nicholas Sheffo


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