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Morituri/Raid On Entebbe   (Limited Edition CD Soundtrack)


Sound: B     Morituri Music: B     Entebbe Music: B



In one of the more interesting combo soundtracks on one CD from Film Score Monthly’s FSM label is a combination of the WWII thriller Morituri (1965) and the TV movie Raid On Entebbe (1976).  The latter is about a hostage crisis in which the Israeli government secretly sends their commandos to save a planeload of Israelis being kidnapped by Palestinian interests.


After listen to both of them, the common thread between the two is that both have a secret operation going on and the music.  They also feel like they were composed for their intended venues.  Morituri was a claustrophobic black and white thriller drama (now on DVD-Video elsewhere on this site), while Entebbe was an equally claustrophobic telefilm about a hijacking.  They have both done better work, but these are not bad.  The booklet included is also nice, telling us of the histories of the films, their music, and the incredible talent behind both films.


The masters for Morituri are from seven tracks, while Entebbe was shot for U.S. TV with a theatrical release in Europe, a common practice in the 1970s when telefilms used to so good.  The scores are eleven years apart, so what Goldsmith’s work has in detail (conducted by Lionel Newman), Shire’s score has in warmth and fullness.  The PCM CD sound offers the Goldsmith score in stereo, while Shire’s is monophonic.  It is a toss-up for sound quality, but both are very listenable on a sonic level.


In Morituri’s case, the film does not always work, though we’ll save more on that for the DVD release.  Entebbe is less likely to get DVD treatment, as most telefilms never do, with exceptions like Night Stalker, Night Strangler, and Duel.  Then it becomes a matter of how long they will stay in print.


That is also an issue for this CD, for which only 3,000 copies have been pressed.  www.filmscoremonthly.com is the place you can exclusively order it.



-   Nicholas Sheffo


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