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Iíll Take Sweden


Picture: B-†††† Sound: C+†††† Extras: C-†††† Film: C+



I had never hear of Bob Hopeís film Iíll Take Sweden prior to this review and although I had seen dozens of his screwball comedies, this one remained tucked away and buried on the shelves of forgotten land.However, the DVD format enables viewers to experience films that they could either never get on VHS or were out-of-print so long that it was nearly impossible to track them down.While my expectations were not necessarily high for this film, it basically turned out to be exactly what anyone might expect from a standard Bob Hope film, especially a film without the sidekick help of Bing Crosby.


The storyline is plain and simple as Bob plays a father of a girl named Jojo, who is planning on getting married, but he does not see eye to eye in her choice for a life partner.So on a trip they take to Sweden, he hopes that this will be a chance for her to forget all about marriage, but Sweden is filled with a very conservative society that has high standard and morals, so maybe marriage is not so bad for her after all.Perhaps?


The film moves along at a very standard pace and the comedy never really swells too high on the laugh chart, but fans of Bob Hope or perhaps the groom to be ĖFrankie Avalon, might find this more tolerable than I did.Released through MGM Iíll Take Sweden is a basic movie-only edition with a 1.66 X 1 anamorphic transfer and original 2.0 mono sound.The print is fairly sharp and balanced, although depth can be a problem from time to time.Flesh tones seem natural and good, and the Technicolor is consistent and holds up well even despite the softness and grain that are apparent, but not overwhelming.


If you are in need of a few general laughs and donít mind paying a few bucks for the DVD, then be my guest.Most fill find it mildly pleasing and the DVD, while standard, at least is of good enough quality to make the experience about as good as it gets without too much money spent for a full restoration, which will likely not happen for a film like this.



-†† Nate Goss


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