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Category:    Home > Reviews > Rock Concert > Sadaharu - New & Alternative Careers In Dance

Sadaharu - New And Alternative Careers In Dance


Picture: B-     Sound: B+     Extras: C     Main Program: C-



Here is a band I was previously unaware of, but now, after watching their performances and their on-camera interviews, I have grown disgusted with them in quite a short time. It isn’t just that the music is terrible (it’s nothing but screamo garbage), but they are apparently considered to be artistic and to convey intelligence through their music.  All that and they have also apparently been shined upon by a certain alternative publication.  Not that any of that really matters though - a million other young bands could say the same things and be regarded as geniuses by the press, yet no one past puberty or outside of a college dorm would care.  I guess these are just some of the things I've had to get used to when it comes to dealing with the likes of moronic pop culture.


You don’t have to listen to very much to get the message - these guys like to scream a lot and prefer to wear large rimmed glasses, sport scraggly beards and give into a few other choice clichés.  All that, and they still do their best trying to look ever so cool in their Hot Topic chic while they’re swaggering about onstage.  It then gets really embarrassing when they sit down and have a little chat with the cameras; mindlessly doling out the ways they consider themselves original and inventive.  Maybe if they'd have taken a stab at this stuff several years ago, they might be getting more attention, and maybe if they'd started even further back - before anyone without true talent decided to scream into a microphone - they might even be considered revolutionary.  But rest assured - none of stuff happened to pass, so we can all sleep tight for now.

I've already said how I feel about the music and the band as a whole.  So, on to the production values.  This DVD was put together pretty decently, at least in the way of having sleek packaging and such.  The menus also look nice enough, and when you get to the content, the cameras and microphones were in all the right places - so sound and visuals are as good as you'd expect from this kind of thing.  The concert footage is typical stuff, with cheap video effects thrown in that somehow manage to enhance that teenage angst - can't you just feel it?

Without much more left to say, I think you can get an idea of how I feel about this kind of stuff. If you like this band or their kin, you'll probably love this disc to death.  As for me, I'll be off to find something better to listen to - maybe I'll stumble across some music that really does have a brain - and creators that don’t feel the need to explain just why they think they’re so great, even when falling so short.

-   David Milchick


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