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The Andy Griffith Show – The Complete Third Season


Picture: C+     Sound: C+     Extras: C+     Show: B



After covering the first season and missing the second, we are back to looking at The Andy Griffith Show because The Complete Third Season comes with an interesting extra and the show got better.  The show was also a huge hit spin-off, with this season marking the debut of Jim Nabors as Gomer Pyle, soon to be spun-off himself famously (and infamously) in Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. and into pop culture icon status more so than anyone on the show.  32 more episodes comprise this season, contained over 5 DVDs and include:


1)     Mr. McBeevee

2)     Andy’s Rich Girlfriend

3)     Andy & The New Mayor

4)     Andy & Opie, Bachelors

5)     The Cow Thief

6)     Barney Mends A Broken Heart

7)     Lawman Barney

8)     The Mayberry Band

9)     Floyd, The Gay Deceiver

10)  Opie’s Rival

11)  Convicts-At-Large

12)  The Bed Jacket

13)  The Bank Job

14)  One-Punch Opie

15)  Barney & The Governor

16)  Man In A Hurry

17)  High Noon In Mayberry

18)  The Loaded Goat

19)  Class Reunion

20)  Rafe Hollister Sings

21)  Opie & The Spoiled Kid

22)  The Great Filling Station Robbery

23)  Andy Discovers America

24)  Aunt Bee’s Medicine Man

25)  The Darlings Are Coming

26)  Andy’s English Valet

27)  Barney’s First Car

28)  The Rivals

29)  A Wife For Andy

30)  Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

31)  Mountain Wedding

32)  The Big House



Another thing that changed since the beginning is the Andy/Opie relationship, which is one of the healthiest and sadly, one of the only positive father/son relationships in TV history minus dysfunction, hate, self-hate and idiotic complications that have particularly befallen such relationships on TV since the 1980s. Ron Howard became one of the most natural child actors quickly and continued to grow before switching to directing for good.  Above all the other progressing storylines, it is the most enduring.


The full frame monochrome image is somewhat varied throughout, with the earliest shows looking a bit softer than the later shows.  It looks like the show was generally shot on 35mm film, but some of it looks almost like 16mm in the early episodes, yet that could just be the age of the materials used.  The stocks involved could also be a factor.  Still not as crisp and clear as The Honeymooners set Paramount issued of the 39 original filmed shows, which were shot five years prior to this, while some shows have artifacts on end credits or out of nowhere.  The Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono feels small, but only at times in this case.  And now the extras.


Paramount has been rightly criticized for lack of extras on too many of their titles, but that has changed in some unexpected cases.  In what has to be one of the best extras a major company had issued to date, they have gone deeper into the archive and have the specially filmed advertisements the cast did for various products from General Foods.  Jello pudding and Sanka coffee are especially prominent, but Post Toasties Corn Flakes, Dream Whip and Baker’s Chocolate Chips also surface in the surprisingly effective and witty spots.  For fans, it is also a nice change to see old advertisements in such mint condition, on par with the best prints of the show here.  The Andy Griffith Show - Complete Third Season is one of the most collectible Classic TV sets to date as a result of those ads and some of the best shows the series ever produced.



-   Nicholas Sheffo


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