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Invitation to a Gunfighter


Picture: C-†††† Sound: C†††† Extras: C-†††† Film: B-



Yul Brynner became one of the most popular gunslingers during a stint of popular and even semi-popular Westerns during the 60ís, which started off nicely with The Magnificent Seven, now a classic and even 1964ís Invitation to a Gunfighter.Although not nearly as good, the film does have some really good moments and for those that are fans of Westworld and Futureworld, this was of course where most of the inspiration came from for Brynner to reprise his role as the steely cold gunfighter.


The storyline here is actually a bit more detailed and bigger themed than you typical Western.It deals with your typical setup, but actually has more going for it than meets the eyes.Our story falls around the time of the aftermath from the Civil War and one town in particular that fought for the Union is now behaving in radical and racists ways.They have hired a man (played by Brynner) to kill a powerful Confederate man in their midst, but as time turns it would seem that his heart has shifted against those that hired him for the kill, so where will his ultimate loyalty lie?


Unfortunately for a decent film the DVD treatment is poor, and that is no exaggeration.Even if you have low standards you will still find this issue to be below average on just about every level.Starting with the weak 1.66 X 1 non-anamorphic transfer the picture lacks detail and depth in nearly every shot.You can tell this is generations old and appear to be from an analog source, mostly looks like a VHS copy of the film smacked onto DVD.The black levels are off, skintones are exaggerated with loads of grain and softness to make the print suffer.


Sound is a lacking 2.0 Dolby Digital Mono that goes hand in hand with the poor picture.Once again itís a shame that a good film has to look and sound this bad.While the sound is never harsh or distorted you can definitely notice some fidelity issues and other mixing problems that just donít lend themselves well to the DVD format.Compression and a lack of depth make the mix seem old and weak, which a new mix done properly could alleviate if time was well spent doing so.


The best recommendation here is to only check out the movie at some point, but hopefully this DVD edition will not have to be the means to do so.Maybe one day a more superior version will exist, so if youíre a fan itís a tragedy you will have to wait till then.



-†† Nate Goss


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