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Paula Lammers – A Blanket Of Blue (CD)


Sound: B     Music: B



So many name singers have been doing entire cover albums of standards that it becomes tired and annoying very quickly.  A few, like Cyndi Lauper, have at least tried something different, while Linda Ronstadt proved this was viable over two decades ago.  In most cases, it is admission of boredom, desperation and the like for artists who hare not having hits anymore.  Paula Lammers is an unknown and her A Blanket Of Blue is the opposite of most of those star projects.  She loves the music, is a fresh name and voice, and what a nice voice it is.  On this CD album, she gives us:


1)     I Thought About You

2)     Isn’t It Romantic?

3)     The Moon & I

4)     Honeysuckle Rose

5)     Gentle Rain

6)     In The Wee Hours Of The Morning

7)     Too Close For Comfort

8)     Mediation

9)     Goodbye… again

10)  More

11)  Under A Blanket Of Blue



Like the few female vocalists who know how to make this work, but part of anyone singing these songs is not to lean on them as if you are bored or act like you are above such work.  We won’t name names (as that could go on for a while), but Miss Lammers could teach most of these big names a thing or two.  The vocals are full, consistent and (especially important to work like this) warm.  These songs are about classiness and a finer school of thought, emotional depth and wit.  They are not just something to cover to cover up shortcomings or boredom.  When done right, they are great entertainment and A Blanket Of Blue gets it.


The PCM 2.0 Stereo is as full and warm as the performances, from the vocalist to the musicians.  As often is the case in the Jazz Vocal genre, recording fidelity still means something and you certainly get that here, arranged by Billy Peterson and producer by Darren Rust and Mr. Peterson.  That makes the album a winner for those who like this kind of music.  Quality is its own distinction.



-   Nicholas Sheffo


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