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Simply Ming (Cooking)


Picture: B     Sound: B     Extras: D     Program: B



Who loves food?  Well, that’s a silly question as I think just about everyone loves some type of food, after all, it is essential to our being.  However, not many people really enjoy making it nearly as much as they enjoy devouring it.  I would have to say that I am in the first group of people and not in the group that loves to cook, let alone watch shows about cooking.  This is where things get a bit interesting because reviewing a cooking show and not being a fan per se of cooking could lead to mixed results.  However, I am safe to say that the show impressed me and not only that, but impressed a few people that watched the show with me on occasion and they happen to be regulars in and around the kitchen. 


One thing that was noticed is that the show Simply Ming does not try to out-do some of the other big shows that are on the tube.  Of course we have Emeril and the Iron Chef and the list goes on and on, but Ming keeps things very tight and appealing in it’s own little way.  I guess one might call this a niche audience, but the quality of the show is above most of the average shows out there and the lessons on cooking are for the most part terrific.  There are a few episodes that miss the mark a bit when it comes to explanation and there are a few occasions where you wonder if the show is as much focused on cooking, as it is other things, like traveling. 


This 3-disc set from WGBH includes a lot of hard core cooking, most of the time you will be satisfied, especially if you decide to take up some cooking during that time and make stuff with Ming.  Although, most of his equipment would not be found in most people’s kitchens, but you can always find an alternative method to doing things and the great thing about DVD versus TV is the fact that you can stop it whenever you want and/or rewind to figure out how to make things look just like him. 


The full-frame image actually looks pretty good and I was surprised at the amount of detail and color.  The 2.0 Dolby Digital Stereo is equally sufficient and this makes for a really sweet set for all those chef’s and wannabe chef’s out there.  I have seen the book sales for cookbooks before and I know that there is a definite market out there for such product, especially as things become more convenient on formats like DVD versus reading things from a book, cooking is something you need to see to believe sometimes…of course eating it is all the better! 



-   Nate Goss


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