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The Pixies Sell Out: 2004 Reunion Tour (Music DVD-Video)


Picture: B-†††† Sound: B-†††† Extras: A†††† Film: A



Very few bands have a better claim on launching the Alternative Music scene of the early 90ís than The Pixies.From the beginning The Pixies were unlikely rock stars.They were fat, balding and frumpy, even then, embodying the average college student.The idea that they could be anyone you knew was part of the appeal.First appearing in the Boston underground, they rose to prominence through college radio.A mix of surreal lyrics alternately shouted and sung, distorted guitar, and hook-laden bass riffs helped define a musical genre. Their first two albums, Surfer Rosa and Doolittle are considered classic, near-perfect albums.Many more famous rock stars, Kurt Cobain among them, list them as their primary influence.


Unfortunately The Pixies had disbanded by the time Alternative music became the mainstream.It was for the usual reasons, personality conflicts and competing egos primarily.Lead singer Black Francis changed his name to Frank Black and has had a successful solo career.Bassist Kim Deal went on to form The Breeders and got a lot of airplay with the song Cannonball.As good as they were individually nothing quite lived up to their work together.Along with guitarist Joey Santiago and drummer David Lovering, The Pixies had a chemistry that most bands would die for.


Their differences are water under the bridge now.In 2004 they reunited and toured the world.The Pixies Sell Out DVD is a record of that tour.Time has not diminished them.Part of their appeal way back when was their live show. Filled with tremendous energy the songs come alive in a way not evident on the studio albums (quite a statement considering just how good those albums were).


The DVD is packed.The primary footage is a concert performed in Belfort, France.The track listing is 28 of their greatest hits.



1. Bone Machine


2. Wave of Mutilation (UK surf)


3. In Heaven


4. Something Against You


5. River Euphrates


6. U-Mass


7. Bone Machine


8. Cactus


9. Ed Is Dead


10. I Bleed


11. Monkey Gone To Heaven


12. Hey


13. Levitate Me


14. Subbacultcha


15. Dead


16. Gouge Away


17. Velouria


18. Mr. Grieves


19. Crackity Jones


20. Broken Face


21. Isla De Encanta


22. Tame


23. Here Comes Your Man


24. The Holiday Song


25. Where Is My Mind?


26. Vamos


27. Wave Of Mutilation


28. Gigantic



But it doesnít end there.The extra features include 16 more songs

Recorded at various venues throughout the tour.



1. Caribou


2. Here Comes Your Man


3. Debaser


4. Gigantic


5. U-Mass


6. Crackity Jones


7. Nimrod's Son (Melody Into 8)


8. The Holiday Song


9. Subbacultcha


10. Vamos


11. No. 13 Baby


12. Planet Of Sound


13. Is She Weird?


14. Into The White


15. Where Is My Mind?


16. Monkey Gone To Heaven



In addition there is an extra feature where the viewer can choose any one of six different camera angles to view the show.This is shot in 1.33 X 1 analog video and looks as good as it is going to look here or in any format, while the sound options are either PCM 2.0 16Bit/48kHz Stereo or Dolby Digital 5.1, which are both good, but DTS would have been a nice alternative.All in all, the DVD is an awesome collection for the Pixies fan, or for anyone wishing to experience one of the truly great bands.



-†† Wayne Wise




Wayne Wise is a native of Southwestern Pennsylvania currently residing in Pittsburgh.In 2002 his first novel, King of Summer, was published.You can go to www.wayne-wise.com and learn more.He saw the Pixies in 1989 and was completely blown away.His first cover feature as a freelance writer was an article/telephone interview with Frank Black. Several years later he met Frank through a mutual friend and found him to be an articulate and down-to-earth regular guy.He saw the Pixies again in 2005 and was blown away again.


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