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Category:    Home > Reviews > Concert > Jazz > Blues > Chicago Blues Reunion – Buried Alive In The Blues (DVD/CD Set)

Chicago Blues Reunion – Buried Alive In The Blues (DVD/CD Set)


Picture: B-     Sound: C     Extras: C     Music: B-



When it comes to ‘Tha Blues’, you will always find controversy when it comes to the various demographics that encompass the genre.  From the Delta/Southern style Blues and older ‘folksier’ type to the more electrical Chicago Blues, which you can still hear more vividly today in artists like Eric Clapton.  Of course Jimi Hendrix took Chicago Blues to a whole new level by introducing psychedelic-ness with it.  Typically if you are more into country music or folk than you will find more of a southern blues style mixed with it, whereas rock n’ roll is more Chicago Blues based. 


Out of the Box Records has introduced a DVD/CD set that reminds us of the great influences that Blues in general has and continues to have on generations of musicians and fans.  This Blues Reunion Set includes musicians Barry Goldberg (piano/keys), Harvey Mandel (lead guitar), Nick Gravenites (lead vocals, guitar), Tracy Nelson (lead vocals, backing vocals), Corky Siegel (harp, lead vocal), Sam Lay (drums, vocal), R. Zach Wagner (rhythm guitar), Rick Reed (bass guitar), and Gary Mallaber (drums, percussion).  There is no doubt that these musicians are all talented in their own right and together fuse well combining excellent efforts to the genre. 


Track Listing:


Born in Chicago

Buried Alive in the Blues

Walk Away

Drinkin’ Wine

GM Boogie

Left Handed Soul

Miss You Like The Devil

I Need All the Help I Can Get

Death of Muddy Waters

I’ve Gotta Find My Baby

New Truck

I’m a King Bee

Hound Dog/Roll Over Beethoven




The 1.78 X 1 anamorphic picture looks quite good for a performance/concert type of framing with solid blacks and rich colors that might surprise some since this is not a huge budget type of production.  Unfortunately the editing and composition does not lead itself to an all that interesting watch at times, unlike something like The Last Waltz for example.  Although at times you can see the musicians enthusiasm shine through, but only a real die hard fan will really be inclined to watch and re-watch the material.  Which is precisely why this set is packed with a great companion CD to listen to when you are on the go in your car or wherever, rather than having to watch it on your DVD player at home, a great decision by the powers that be. 


Sound is another thing that’s important when it comes to a performance driven DVD, which this certainly is.  The Dolby Digital 2.0 is fair, but would have been greatly enhanced in 5.1, especially in DTS, which made Standing in the Shadows of Motown a great disc for that reason alone!  See the review for that incredible documentary/concert elsewhere on this site.  While the 2.0 Stereo gets the job done, it would have been more encompassing and involving if there were a bit more activity with it, although some receivers can throw the 2.0 into a fake surround mix, which might appease some listeners.  The 2.0 Stereo on the CD is about the same, perhaps a bit more compressed, but essentially the same sonically. 


All in all a great set for the true Blues lover out there, but not necessary a starting point to a fresh listener.  The inclusion of the CD is a great addition and the quality of the DVD makes it a split decision.  If the price is right it might be worth a look, otherwise buy with caution.



-   Nate Goss


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