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Two For The Road


Picture: B†††† Sound: B-†††† Extras: B-†††† Film: B



After seeing this film on TV a few times, I was desperate to see Two For The Road in a nicely restored version, not to mention in itís intended scope 2.35 X 1 widescreen presentation. Iíve suffered through poor versions of it on TV and now that this DVD is available from Fox, I can without a doubt say that itís been worth the wait to revisit this film.


Two For The Road is yet another charming Stanley Donen picture starring Audrey Hepburn and another one of my favorite actors, Albert Finney.They are awesome together and really help make this film work as well as it does.While Donenís other film with Hepburn (Charade) is far superior, this is still worth a look.What truly holds this film together is the fact that itís quote unquote a Ďroadí movie, but here the films narrative is strung together brilliantly.Hepburnís character is traveling with a choir, while Finneyís an architect and they meet in Europe; the rest of the film follows their relationship through courtship and eventually marriage via automobile.Not only through their ups, but also their downs as the film unfolds infidelity and parenthood in their path.


Donen has a clever knack whether it be Singiní in the Rain or Charade and especially here with telling the story in a clever way and the editing enables the viewer to feel what the characters are feeling without the film taking forever.In short little moments we are taken in and placed under the films trance.This is without a doubt a realistic look into the married life, plus what evolves afterwards.


The film is presented in its scope 2.35 X 1 aspect ratio and has been anamorphically enhanced for this Fox DVD presentation, as it should be, especially for a restored copy.This is the best the film has looked on home video and maintains the high level of quality that Fox seems committed to with their classic films.Depth and detail is astonishing in certain scenes, while color manages to stay solid and never washed out.With a tad of softness at times this is hardly a complaint as there are too many good things about this print and restoration to even bother.


Sound-wise this is interesting too because Fox likes to do both stereo and mono mixes when possible for their older films.The Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo mix is far more spatial than itís counter 2.0 or even 2.0 Mono mix.For those with receivers that enable Pro Logic to decode for a fuller surround mix, the 2.0 Stereo sounds more sonically compatible and is the preferred choice since 5.1 was not done for this film.


Extras included are a real treat as we get commentary by Stanley Donen that was recorded for the 12Ē LaserDisc format version years ago and has been recycled here, if that is the word since this is really good.Also included is the restoration demonstration for those that want to see the comparison before the film was cleaned up, as well as the theatrical trailer giving a good impression of what the film looks like untouched.


Definitely a solid DVD release and fans of Audrey will be pleased to get their hands on this one.This is a great comedy/drama that will make you laugh at its honesty and at the same time feel emotionally touched by it as well.†† Itís hard to come across films today that reach this level and is worth rediscovery.Two For The Road has a following for a good reason.



-†† Nate Goss


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