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Target Earth


Picture: C+†††† Sound: C†††† Extras: C+†††† Film: C+



One of producer Herman Cohenís earliest exercises in genre producing is Target Earth (1953), an alien invasion film where they have sent robots to get the human race.Of course, the military is on the case, but that does not help some late arrivals who do not know what is going on.It begins when one woman (Kathleen Crowley) wakes up to find her town deserted.Before she can become the last woman on earth, a few others begin to surface, as do a few dead bodies.


She is eventually joined by Frank (Richard Denning, who one year later would surface in Creature from the Black Lagoon), a drunken couple (Virginia naked Kiss Grey and Richard Force of Evil Reeves) who decide to raid all the fancy nightclubs since they are now free for the taking, and some other unsavory characters who are not always human.


The film runs 78 minutes and is a true B-movie, but it is often amusing and the cast is a cut above what you usually get in this kind of fare.Sherman H. Rose does a good directing job, considering the low budget he had to work with and the screenplay is not outright stupid as is often the case in such films.It is no masterwork of cinema, but the film has a few interesting moments just the same.


The anamorphically enhanced 1.85 X 1 monochrome image is not bad either, though it looks like a sliver of information is missing from the left and right based on the way the opening credits played back.You can see much grain form the original stocks, as well as the age of the materials, but the video black and gray scale are better than usual for DVD despite depth and clarity limits.The Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono is passable for its age, sounding like someone did their best to clean it up.Cohen has a commentary he recorded years ago for a LaserDisc edition of the film, and it sounds good too.That is one of the extras, though Cohen does not talk as much as one wishes he would.He said more on VCIís Horrors of the Black Museum commentary from a former LaserDisc edition of that film.We also get a repeat of the 20-minutes + featurette tribute to Cohen form that DVD, a fold-out inside the DVD case, a few biographies, and a few trailers for this and other Cohen films.


In Chapter 11, at 43:49, I had a freeze-up problem, but was able to get by it eventually.Pressing complications made this DVD late, but it performs well otherwise and should not pose a major tech problem.Target Earth is for those interested in dumb fun, and would go great with a few Mystery Science Theater boxed sets.



-†† Nicholas Sheffo


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