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Category:    Home > Reviews > Classical Music > DTS Classical Music Discs (Mozart, Beethoven, Handel, Tchaikovsky, Bach)

DTS Classical Discs (Mozart, Beethoven, Handel, Tchaikovsky, Bach)


                     CD PCM 2.0:     DTS 5.1:     Music:

Mozart                  B-                  B              A-

Beethoven             B-                  B              A-

Handel                  B-                  B              B+

Tchaikovsky          B-                  B              B

Bach                    B-                  B+            A-



When it comes to high-end audio formats such as Super Audio CD or DVD-Audio Classical music is one of the most frequently released and makes up a majority of the marketplace.  These DTS Classical Discs are not quite DVD-Audio, but more like the rare DTS CD’s that are available that do offer high quality music on a CD.  The main reason that these do not play like a conventional DVD-Audio disc is that they do not offer multiple audio choices such as PCM Stereo, MLP, Dolby Digital, and finally DTS. 


This particular review piece will cover 5 of the classical discs released through DTS Entertainment, which include the following…


Track Listings:




1. Concerto for Piano no 22 in E flat major, K 482: 2nd movement, Andante

2. Symphony no 35 in D major, K 385 "Haffner": 2nd movement, Andante

3. Serenade no 13 in G major, K 525 "Eine kleine Nachtmusik": 4th movement, Rondo

4. Concerto for Flute and Harp in C major, K 299 (297c): 2nd movement, Andantino

5. Symphony no 5 in B flat major, K 22: 1st movement, Allegro

6. Symphony no 28 in C major, K 200 (189k): 2nd movement, Andante

7. Symphony no 39 in E flat major, K 543: 3rd movement, Minuet

8. Concerto for Piano no 21 in C major, K 467: 2nd movement, Andante

9. Concerto for Clarinet in A major, K 622: 2nd movement, Adagio

10. Symphony no 41 in C major, K 551 "Jupiter": 3rd movement, Menuetto

11. Serenade no 13 in G major, K 525 "Eine kleine Nachtmusik": 2nd movement, Romanza

12. Symphony no 27 in G major, K 199 (161b): 1st movement, Allegro





1.  Symphony no 2 in D major, Op. 36: 2nd movement, Larghetto

2.  Minuets (6) for Piano, WoO 10: no 6 in G major

3.  Concerto for Piano no 5 in E flat major, Op. 73 "Emperor": 2nd

4.  movement, Adagio un poco mosso

5.  Symphony no 8 in F major, Op. 93: 2nd movement, Allegretto scherzando

6.  Symphony no 6 in F major, Op. 68 "Pastoral": 2nd movement, Andante

7.  Romance for Violin and Orchestra no 1 in G major, Op. 40

8.  Symphony no 7 in A major, Op. 92: 2nd movement, Allegretto

9.  Bagatelle for Piano in A minor, WoO 59 "Fur Elise"

10. Andante Cantabile from Symphony No.1

11. Sonata for Piano no 14 in C sharp minor, Op. 27 no 2 "Moonlight": 1st movement, Adagio sostenuto

12. Septet in E flat major, Op. 20: Menuetto

13. Symphony no 5 in C minor, Op. 67: Excerpt(s)





1.  Overture to Bérénice

2.  Air from Water Music Suite in F

3.  Menuetto from Concerto Grosso No.4, Op. 3

4.  Bourree From Royal Fireworks Music

5.  Largo from Xerxes

6.  Rigaudon from Water Music Suite in G

7.  Pastorale from the Messiah

8.  Overture to Alcina

9.  Allegro from Concerto Grosso No. 1, Op. 6

10. Alla Hornpipe from Water Music Suite in D

11. Andante / Allegro from Oboe Concerto No. 4 in F

12. Andante / Allegro from Harp Concerto in B flat

13. Aria from Concerto Grosso No. 12, Op. 6

14. Allegro from Oboe Concerto No. 3 in G minor

15. Arrival of the Queen of Sheba from Solomon

16. Largo / Allegro from Concerto Grosso No. 2, Op. 3





1.  Nutcracker, ballet, Op.71 Overture

2.  Nutcracker, ballet, Op.71 The Christmas Tree

3.  Nutcracker, ballet, Op.71 Marche

4.  Nutcracker, ballet, Op.71 Journey Through the Snow

5.  Nutcracker, ballet, Op.71 Waltz of the Snowflakes

6.  Nutcracker, ballet, Op.71 Chocolate

7.  Nutcracker, ballet, Op.71 Coffee

8.  Nutcracker, ballet, Op.71 Tea

9.  Nutcracker, ballet, Op.71 Trepak

10. Nutcracker, ballet, Op.71 Dance of the Mirlitons

11. Nutcracker, ballet, Op.71 Mother Gigone & the Clowns

12. Nutcracker, ballet, Op.71 Waltz of the Flowers

13. Nutcracker, ballet, Op.71 Pas de Deux

14. Nutcracker, ballet, Op.71 Tarentella

15. Nutcracker, ballet, Op.71 Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

16. Nutcracker, ballet, Op.71 Coda

17. Nutcracker, ballet, Op.71 Fianl Waltz & Apotheosis



J.S. Bach


1. "Sheep May Safely Graze"

2. Badinerie from Suite No. 2

3. Adagio from Double Concerto For Oboe and Violin

4. Passepied I-II from Suite No. 1, BWV 1066

5. Air from Suite No. 3iin D

6. Chorale from Easter Cantata

7. Siciliano from Sonata No. 4iin C minor

8. Giant Fugue

9. Bourree I-II from Suite No. 2

10. Chorale from Little Suite

11. Aria (Contented Peace) from Cantata No. 170

12. Sleepers Awake (Chorale) from Cantata No. 140



Of course the biggest complaint from someone who is quite passionate about their classical music is that most of these are excerpt pieces rather than full arrangements.  This is often a common complaint because these are shortened versions that do not give the listener the full-effect of the composers work.  Most people are only familiar with certain excerpts from popular classic works, for example the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel’s Messiah or the 4th movement from Ode to Joy. 


For some odd reason the Bach actually sounds better than the other titles.  Not sure why this is, but the Bach is much smoother and fuller than the other titles and you don’t have to listen that carefully to hear the difference because it’s quite apparent.  Even the look of the disc is a tad different and it operates more like a DVD-Audio than a DTS-CD might.  This could be part of the reason.  By comparison some of the 5.1 sound from the other titles is more pushed into the front channels and even sounds more like 2.0 in some cases.  There are great mood setters as you can just put them on and let the music shine through without having to sit around it to enjoy it.  The music is great background sound for when you have company over or just to relax.  The selections themselves are all quite popular and will most likely warrant involvement from the listener. 


While SACD seems to be taking great shape in the modern age of multichannel music, especially in the classical spectrum, these discs are still able to give superiority over CD, which makes them valuable in and of itself.  Despite some of the minor drawbacks these are great discs to be played again and again until more technology and advancements take place to further push the envelop of listening space.  Enjoy!



-   Nate Goss


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