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Category:    Home > Reviews > Animation > Children > TV > British > Danger Mouse – The Complete Seasons 5 & 6

Danger Mouse – The Complete Seasons 5 & 6


Picture: C+     Sound: C+     Extras: C     Episodes: B-



Danger Mouse - The Complete Seasons 5 & 6 is yet another solid set of the fun and very popular cartoon series from England that A&E continues to issue to the delight of diehard fans and those happy to discover and rediscover the wackiness.  You can see the first sets reviewed elsewhere on this site, with the adventures of the title hero and his assistant Penfold battling silly villains in even sillier situations.  I have to once again give credits to the animators and writers for continuing to come up with nonsense new ideas and making them work.  They did not run out of ideas, much to my surprise.  The episodes this time are as follows:


1)     The Long Lost Crown Affair

2)     By George, It’s A Dragon

3)     Tiptoe Through The Penfolds

4)     Project Moon

5)     The Next Ice Age Begins At Midnight

6)     The Aliens Are Coming

7)     Remote Control Chaos

8)     The Man From Gadget

9)     Tampering With Time Tickles

10)  Nero Power

11)  Once Upon A Timeslip…

12)  Viva Dangermouse

13)  Play It Again Wufgang

14)  “Hear Hear”

15)  Multiplication Fable

16)  The Spy Who Stayed in With A Cold

17)  It’s All White, White Wonder

18)  The Hickory Dickory Dock Dilemma

19)  What A 3 Point Turn-Up For The Book

20)  Quark! Quark!

21)  Alping The Snow Easy Matter

22)  Aaagghg!!  Spiders!

23)  One Of Our Stately Homes Is Missing

24)  Afternoon Off With The Fangboner!

25)  Beware Of Mexicans Delivering Milk

26)  Catastrophe

27)  The Good, The Bad & The Motionless

28)  Statues

29)  The Clock Strikes Back

30)  Ee-Tea!

31)  Bandits, Beans & Ballyhoo!

32)  Have You Fled From Any Good Books Lately?

33)  Tut, Tut, It’s Not Pharaoh

34)  “Lost, Found & Not Spellbound”

35)  Penfold BF

36)  Mechanised Mayhem

37)  Journey To The Earth’s Cor!



This is the richest of the three sets in content and as witty as any of them.  The titles show the level of cleverness the show was working on, like the puns in Rocky & Bullwinkle, but very British if not totally so.  Though there is some repetition between the shows, like Courageous Cat & Minute Mouse, it also builds a world of fun that only an animated series can.  As you can see from the titles, this is a smart show and much smarter than most live action TV shows from both shores since.


Performance is exactly the same as the last sets.  The full frame 1.33 X 1 image is pretty good, with only graininess on some of the prints making a difference in presentation.  The Color is not bad, and is consistent, if not as rich as some shows.  The Dolby Digital 2.0 sound is stereo, boosted from the original TV monophonic sound, a good combination that bests the old TV broadcasts easily.  Extras are on DVD 2 this time, repeating character profiles and a Karaoke version of the shows theme that does not drop the lead vocal.  Added this time is an episode of Count Duckula called One Stormy Night from the producers of this show.  It too is out on DVD and we will be reviewing that set soon.



-   Nicholas Sheffo


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