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Star Trek Fan Collective – Time Travel


Picture: C+     Sound: B-     Extras: C-     Episodes: B-



Now that every Star Trek film and series has been released except for the animated show that is still due soon, Paramount has come up with some compilations to keep fans happy and make more money like a sort of “greatest hits” collection.  Star Trek Fan Collective – Time Travel offers 12 key shows from four versions of the show, including two from the original series that start off the 4 DVD set as follows:


1)     Tomorrow Is Yesterday*

2)     City On The Edge Of Forever

3)     Yesterday’s Enterprise (from Next Generation)*

4)     Cause & Effect (from Next Generation)

5)     Time’s Arrow (two parts; from Next Generation)

6)     All Good Things… (from Next Generation)

7)     Little Green Men (from Deep Space Nine)*

8)     Trials & Tribble-ations (from Deep Space Nine)

9)     Year Of Hell (two parts; from Voyager)

10)  Endgame (from Voyager)



Needless to say the early shows are the best and one of the reasons the later series shows are among their best is because they have to focus more and also because they often evoke the original, better series.  Trek fans might not like that, but that is the way it is.  It also reminds us of the open possibilities that Gene Roddenberry intended before the show become franchised-out, less scientific and more rigid to the point of flirting with fascism.  It is that wrong direction that caused Trek to implode onto itself, despite the last feature film being one of the strongest.  I guess Nemesis went over the heads of too many fans more interested in mechanics than heart and soul.  If they had kept up, Trek would be alive and well.


The 1.33 X 1 image varies from series to series, with the original shows having the best color and most solid picture definition, even when the visual effects are weak or print is a bit dated.  All the shows have been remixed for Dolby Digital 5.1 mixes, with Dolby 2.0 options of stereo.  Extras include three new text commentaries (always a highlight) by Trek scholars Michael and Denise Okuda on the episodes marked * above.  All in all, an interesting set for all kinds of reasons.



-   Nicholas Sheffo


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