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Erasure Ė Union Street (CD)


Music: B+†††† Sound: B



Itís always a pleasure to see a particular band mature over the years, especially when itís for the better.Itís a common myth that most bands as time goes on typically fade away, but there are a handful of bands that manage to grow stronger with age and ripen to a new level of accomplishment.Recently I have seen and heard this with Depeche Modeís recent album Playing the Angel, which is an incredible album for a band that has been around over 25 years.In addition to this it would appear that ex-Depeche Mode member Vince Clark, who formed the band Erasure, would have similar distinction with their recent Union Street album, which is a terrific follow-up from the success of 2005ís Nightbird.


This particular outing is an all-acoustic fare that grows quickly on the listener in a much more relaxed feel than what most will expect from a group thatís origins date back to a more electronic/dance vibe.This album is entirely made up of re-workings of earlier songs, but not the typical songs you might expect.Instead the band has chosen B-sides and more obscure tracks that mainly deal with love.There are 12 tracks here and the biggest complaint that most listeners may have is that there is little distinction between tracks.After a few listening sessions you realize that there are fine subtle nuances that make each song itís own, but overall itís very much a standard album with a very basic shape.This is not a criticism, just a pure observation and for those that donít mind their music being very laid back at times with little dynamics, than this is definitely for you.I enjoy chilling out to albums like this because I can literally listen to it from front to back without feeling like I need to navigate around much.


Track Listing:



Piano Song

Stay With Me



Tenderest Moments


Blues Away

How Many Times?

Love Afair

Rock Me Gently



This is such a unique release in itís own right that seems aimed directly at fans of the band, who will most likely be caught off guard by the album, but in a good way.Those that stumble across this may not know what to expect or how to deal with it, but after a few listens you are either a big fan or you never want to hear it again.Itís pretty much that cut and dry.The CD sound is about as good as it gets for CD with the 16 bit/44kHz PCM 2.0 stereo sound coming across fairly detailed and solid, although there is little bass, which is a surprise for Erasure music, but not in this case since itís driven acoustically.Thematically the album is not altogether original either, but thatís ok too because itís contagious for the hopeless romantic residing in all of us.



-†† Nate Goss


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