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Phish – Live In Brooklyn (Rhino DVD-Video + CD Sets)


Picture: C+     Sound: B-     Extras: C     Concert: B



Even though the band is long gone, fans of Phish are as enthusiastic as ever, so new material keeps hitting the market from their past.  Rhino Records and the band have decided to release multi-disc CD (three) and DVD-Video (two) of Phish – Live In Brooklyn, a June 17, 2004 concert with massive attendance.  The 20 tracks include their sub-standard covers of the theme from Kubrick’s 2001 (the Deodato version of the Strauss piece) and Edgar Winter’s Frankenstein, which always lacks the muscle, naturalness, edge, energy and joy of the original hit.  They fare better on their own material, but unless you are a big fan, it will not stick much with you.  Both releases are in fancy packages, but in some way never totally deliver on their promise.  Fans will likely enjoy it all more, but others will likely feel that if they have heard one Phish concert, they have heard them all.


The 1.78 X 1/16 X 9 image is softer than expected for a recent taping, with detail issues and Video Black that looks like it is second generation.  The sound in both formats despite coming from “digital multitrack tapes” sounds distorted, harsh and sub-produced.  The PCM 2.0 16 bit/44.1kHz Stereo on the CD is disappointing and similar PCM 2.0 16 bit/48kHz Stereo on the DVD is just a little better.  That leaves the Dolby Digital 5.1 mix, which sounds strained and is likely the reasons why that despite two DVDs, Rhino skipped a DTS option.


Extras on the CD include a booklet with limited text and no lyrics, while the DVD offers three bonus songs from the next night’s concert, soundcheck excerpts and backstage footage that are slight.  Fans will love it, but the whole release in both formats all around seems underwhelming.  The concert is no different from other performances they have released, except their endurance was better.


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-   Nicholas Sheffo


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