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The Unit - Season One


Picture: B-     Sound: B-     Extras: C-     Episodes: C+



With the array of military dramas on television today, a show must offer something different to survive.  The Unit is a military drama focusing on two worlds, the world of a specialized military operations unit and the world of their wives back on the base.  The Unit has a great cast of actors, as well as a plethora of stunning, well planned, gun battles and special effects (BOOM!).  The problem with The Unit, however, exists in the characters themselves.  Even with highly interesting scripts and a talented cast the characters are hindered, having very little development throughout the first season.  The five men of the unit seem to have a great love for their jobs and their jobs alone.  Where the overwhelming feeling of the military, desensitized mentality is widely apparent, the characters show neither personal growth nor an effort to make their character more human.  The entire season maintains a cold aura, detracting from the greatness of the intricate scripts.  The acting caliber, great, military writing style, great, setting and atmosphere of the show, great; but it is the coldness that The Unit radiates which thwarts the show’s ability to grow.


Most of the action of the show takes place in foreign lands where drugs and violence run wild.  The special ops team known as “the unit” is a secret branch of the military that “does not exist,” meant to neutralize the problem never to take credit for their actions (good or bad).  While these men continent hop their wives and lovers remain on a military base where they can not even mention what their husbands truly do for a living.  The band of women stick closely together and initiate the rookie wives to the now, cult like, program; overall the women expressing only slightly more emotion than their men.  As previously stated, The Unit is quite intriguing with its cinematic camera angles, fast nature, and captivating scripts. In the end, if the writers and directors manage to put some human emotion into its characters, more than just a “Good job boys,” the show may go far.


The technical nature of this television DVD set contains the basic qualities most NBC and CBS shows do.  The picture is quite good being filmed originally in HD and being presented on DVD as 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen.  Though the show is jumpy at times on purpose, the camera clarity remains.  The sound is also rather good being presented in Dolby Digital 5.1 surround, and with the rapid gun fire and team oriented atmosphere of the show sound quality is impressive.  The extras for this 13 episode television show (now on its second season on CBS) are almost nonexistent, only having a quick behind the scenes segment on the last disc.  Overall, the extras are quite poor.  For a final critical view of this 4 disc, 564 minute DVD set we explore the episode select/main menu screen.  The main menu is often overlooked and not analyzed on most DVDs due to its standard setup; but for this DVD set a few elements are lacking, including no “Play All” function or a function to take the viewer back to an episode select automatically.  After careful criticism, the picture and sound are quite excellent but the processes of the DVD need improvement.


This reviewer found The Unit to be a very impressive television series for its first season.  Though the emotionless nature of the military men and the ignorance of their institutionalized wives were annoying and disheartening at times, the overall display of the show was admirable.  So this reviewer says, as you were soldiers…just show me some emotion.



-   Michael P. Dougherty II


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