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Category:    Home > Reviews > TV Situation Comedy > Scrubs – The Complete Fourth Season

Scrubs – The Complete Fourth Season


Picture: C+     Sound: B-     Extras: B-     Episodes: B



It may not be Superman, but Scrubs manages to save Television from the brink of boredom.  Zack Braff along with the rest of the cast returns for their fourth year as scrubs.  Scrubs is a creative and imaginative series focusing on the daily lives of a crew of somewhat off-center doctors.  The show in many ways has been cast aside by viewers in recent years, to some extent due to NBC’s constant need to disturb the show’s time slot (note: Season 6 of Scrubs will be premiering Jan 2007).  This underrated series embodies great television.  Not only does the show maintain a high level of imaginative humor infused with great music, but the cast’s chemistry is also highly admirable.


This reviewer loves the cast of Scrubs.  The relationships that exist between each character create an atmosphere that elicits feelings of love, caring, and affection.  Zack Braff (Dr. Dorian) is a highly creative entity for the series not only being the central character for the show but also taking time to write and direct.  As an actor, writer, and director Braff has a promising future radiating from his powerful, innovative and inspiring style.


In the end, though Scrubs is one of the best and most entertaining series on TV today, the extreme lunacy of JD (Braff), Turk (Faison), Dr. Cox (McGinley), and the rest of the cast’s situations and day dreams make it seem as though creative wells are running dry.  With the constant changing of Scrubs time slot, along with the scripts starting to drag, the series finds itself digging a hole in these later seasons.  With this said, Scrubs can still emerge from the morgue to surprise an audience who has grown to love these unique characters.  Going back to its inventive roots may breathe new life into this troubled show.


The technical aspects of this 3 disc, 24 episode set are quite good.  The picture is presented in 1.33:1 full screen that at times seems uneven and blurry, but adequate overall.  Looking at the picture quality further, it is apparent that Scrubs was the last NBC series to switch into the HD format, which was not accomplished until the start of season 5, lending to why the picture was not always the greatest.  The sound is quite excellent being presented in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, which often heightens the experience of the show with its great use of groundbreaking music.  With music being a strong component of the series it was a wise choice for the series to be presented in this surround sound format.  The extras on this set are entertaining to say the least.  Some extras include “Will You Ever Be My Mentor?” which explores the growing relationship of JD and Dr Cox, as well as such features as The Sweethearts of Sacred Heart, The Weapons Chest, Donald Keeps Talking, Audio Commentaries, and Deleted Scenes.  An additional feature is select music videos of music used in the series, which is also quite nice.


An overall evaluation of the series and this DVD set rates an excellent.  As previously stated Scrubs is one of the best series on television today, with its wonderful cast and interesting concepts of reality.  Many words can describe this series; emotional, fun, witty, ambitious, inventive, but on the whole amazing.  This reviewer highly recommends this DVD set for all audiences, with humor and entertainment that can be watched again and again.  So scrub up and prepare for an all new season of Scrubs!



-   Michael P Dougherty II


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