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Category:    Home > Reviews > Rock > Alternative > The Cure CD Reissues: The Top + Head On The Door

The Cure CD Reissues (2006)


The Cure Ė The Top


Sound: B†††† Music: C+†††† Extras: A



The Cure Ė Head on the Door


Sound: B†††† Music: A†††† Extras: A



There are times when I go to write about a band or an album and as I sit poised at my typewriter, libation to my left, lights dim but still bright enough to sort of make out the keys as I hunt and peck (Iím notoriously slow and often comically inaccurate as my fingers slide along the smooth surfaces, stabbing and careening into verbal wipeouts), the stereo going with the volume twisted to loud, the air vibrating deliciouslyÖand then nothing happens.I sit there trapped in the staring game with a blank sheet of paper, the music somehow growing louder on its own, everything becoming uncomfortably claustrophobic.No words, nothing.


This is never more frustrating than when the band Iím supposed to be writing about (The Cure) is one of my all-time favorites and the spinning of nifty little yarns regarding the music and its intersection with my own life something I regard as a true pleasure.What could be better than banging at the keys with the rockíníroll blasting in your ears and drinking deep of a cool case of local brew?The only thing missing: a devastatingly pretty girl dancing to the tunes and telling secrets out of school.


There are no pretty girls here tonight.Itís just me, the music, and my writerís block.This is a lousy situation and I feel like I need to apologize to Robert Smith for my inadequacy to the task.Robert, Iíd say, come over here I need to tell you something.No Robert, please, leave the mascara alone and come sit down.No, your hair looks great, man.Here, Robert, have a drink.Well, Robert, Iím sorry you donít like the cheap stuff, Iím kinda skint lately and itís all I could afford and actually itís not that bad if you swallow it really fastÖbut thatís not important.Youíve got me off topic, just listen a minute will ya.Robert, look, I was trying to write about how much your music has meant to me and well, I screwed it up, man.Iím sorry.I just couldnít get it done.I feel awful about it, too.What can I say?No, Robert, I donít have anything else to drink here.


Getting a big-time rock star to pay attention while you pour out your sad little heart is not an easy thing to accomplish.


Anyway, once again Rhino has done a top notch job on these latest volumes in their series of Cure re-issues.Gorgeous packaging, excellent remastered sound (CDís usual PCM 2.0 16bit/44.1kHz Stereo), and another batch of everything-and-the-kitchen-sink bonus tracks.


Robert, if youíre out there, man, I love ya!



-†† Kristofer Collins



Kristofer Collins is an editor at The New Yinzer and owner of Desolation Row CDs in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.You can contact him at:




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