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Category:    Home > Reviews > Anime TV > Noein - to your other self: Volume One

Noein - to your other self: Volume One


Picture: B-     Sound: B-     Extras: B     Episodes: B



Summary: In the near future war exists between two dimensions, Lacrima and Shangria.  Lacrima only hope is to send Dragon Knights back into the past to find the 'Dragon Torque' to save humanity.


Haruka and her friend Yu in the present day one summer day was running away from home because Yu was depressed.  They suddenly see flash of blue light and meet Karasu a Dragon Knight.  Turns out Karasu is Yu 15-years from the future, both Haruka and Yu soon gets caught not only running away from home but from these Dragon Knights who are after the Dragon Torque, believing Haruka somehow holds the key.



Review - This is a great and amazing Animé, with its own unique style and original story.  A story about just ordinary kids that are just trying to live ordinary lives and get caught in something unexpected.  Unknowing and mysterious yet intriguing you don't know as much as the characters who or what is the good in the story, twist and turns that keeps the viewers on edge, and just when you thought you figured it out, something else happens.


This Animé has an interesting blend of animation, coloring and computer graphics.  It creates totally captivating story that is rare and hard to find in most anime.  Sound and music was quite good and creates a feeling of nostalgia and the voices are superbly done, making you empathize with the characters.


Episode 1: Blue Snow


One summer night Haruka and company looking for ghosts in the graveyard sight a blue light, but soon get caught in a battle that is more than scary.


Episode 2: Runaway


Yu is depressed and Haruka encourages him to runaway and start over, unfortunately something a dark figure shows up and soon they are both running for their lives.


Episode 3: Hunted


Haruka soon discovers these dark shadows are after her, or something about her, however there seem to be a quarrel over who will get her between the mysterious, but powerful Dragon Knights.


Episode 4: Friends


Haruka and her friends tries to make sense of all the crazy things happening around her, Karasu, a Dragon Knight secretly watches over Haruka and remembers the past and what it meant to be friends...


Episode 5: And Then...


As the quarrel between the Dragon Knights increase, some believe Haruka should be killed and the Dragon Torque destroyed. Torn between saving the future and Haraku, Karasu must make a choice... either to save the future or he must fight the other Dragon Knights.



The anamorphically enhanced 1.78 X 1 image is very good, with good color and decent detail, while the Dolby Digital 5.1 mix is good for a TV show, if not always spectacular.  Extras include on location with Japanese Voice Actor and Director, alternate openings, textless Opening & Ending and the original Japanese promos.  Overall, a good single disc.



-   Ricky Chiang


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