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Category:    Home > Reviews > Animation > Shorts > Comedy > Children > Looney Tunes: Spotlight Collection 4 (28 Classic Cartoons)

Looney Tunes: Spotlight Collection 4 (Warner DVD Set/28 Classic Cartoons)

Picture: B- Sound: B- Extras: C Animated Shorts: B+

Looney Tunes are a house hold name to this day, throughout the years embodying concepts of creativity, excellence, and humor. Before there was The Simpsons or South Park commenting on the issues of the day, there was Looney Tunes. In the newest installment of Warner Bros.' Looney Tunes: Spotlight Collection 4 we as an anxious audience are presented with some of the best 28 classic Chuck Jones' creations. In this 2-Disc set, we are offered such classic shorts as Rabbit Hood, Operation Rabbit, Mississippi Hare, Cat Feud, The Unexpected Pest, and many more. The problem with this set is there is not enough! The 28 shorts seem to fly by and before the viewer realizes the box set is done. In the end, however, the set remains excellent as a presentation of classic Americana and historic triumphs in animation from the point of view of humor and social commentary.

Throughout this 28 episode, 2-Disc set we are served social commentaries of the day viewing a field of African Americans picking cotton in the opening of the short Mississippi Hare and even poking a great deal of fun at the South. Also in this set we experience some Bugs Bunny war cartoons where Bugs gets enlisted into the Army where he harasses his Drill Sergeant to the point of insanity. Consequently Bugs Bunny gets found out and is instructed that rabbits can not be in the Army, but 'Every good American can do their part.' Overall, a purely excellent and affordable set.

The technicals for these animated features are quite well put together. The picture is presented in a standard full screen format which is understandable for these film shorts. The picture is very crisp and clear but not all grainy aspects were able to be diminished, leaving room for some improvement. The sound was clear but some what disappointing in the Dolby Digital Mono format at times having a light quality. The extras were simple at best only offering a fun little feature entitles ''Wrong Turn at Albuquerque: Follow Bugs Bunny on a Global Adventure'' and another ''Still Pulling Practical Jokes on his Fellow Looney Tunes Characters.''

The set overall is exciting to view and extremely entertaining, though too short and jumpy in the years of production. For true Looney Tunes fans there are always the Looney Tunes: Golden Collections which at this point are up to Volume 4. These sets are slightly pricier, but well worth it for the much more extensive content included. This reviewer thought this set was an excellent taste of greatest, but was left unfulfilled. In the end, this reviewer says splurge and get the Golden Collections, though these sets are good for the kids and baby bunnies.

- Michael P Dougherty II (What’s Up Doc?)


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