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Destiny’s Child – Live In Atlanta (Blu-ray)


Picture: B     Sound: B     Extras: C+     Concert: B



One of the great moments in American Music, especially and specifically in the 20th Century, has been that of The Girl Group.  Powered by the early Rock Era, Phil Specter, Motown and many a great independent record label, the cycle left an indelible impression on music that was recently revisited by The Raveonettes and continued by acts like The Three Degrees, The Go-Gos, TLC, SWV, En Vogue, Salt N Pepa and most recently by Destiny’s Child.


Originally a foursome, they hit their stride when they became a trio and besides the great solo career for Beyoncé Knowles, Destiny’s Child – Live In Atlanta (2005) is one of their latter concerts before breaking up to go their own way.  The concert is really good and the biggest surprise is that for those who were not fans, fellow vocalists Kelly Rowland (whose solo debut album is one of the most underrated in years) and Michelle Williams are more than formidable forces on their own and ultimately are also the reason they became one of the most impressive and important of the latter day Girl Groups.


The tracks for this nearly 90 minutes include:


1)     Intro/Overture

2)     Say My Name

3)     Independent Women Part II (from Charlie’s Angels)

4)     No, No, No (Part 2)

5)     Bug A Boo

6)     Bills, Bills, Bills

7)     Bootylicious

8)     Jumpin', Jumpin'

9)     Soldier Dance Interlude

10)  Soldier Featuring T.I. & Lil’ Wayne

11)  Dancer Break

12)  Dilemma Featuring Kelly Rowland

13)  Do You Know Featuring Michelle Williams

14)  Beyoncé Intro

15)  Baby Boy Featuring Beyoncé

16)  Naughty Girl Featuring Beyoncé

17)  Band Introduction

18)  Cater 2 U

19)  Cater 2 U Dance Sequence

20)  Girl

21)  Free

22)  If

23)  Through With Love Featuring The Choir

24)  Bad Habit Featuring Kelly Rowland

25)  Dancer Ballet Break

26)  Dangerously In Love Featuring Beyoncé

27)  Crazy In Love Featuring Beyoncé

28)  Salsa Dance Break

29)  Survivor

30)  Lose My Breath



The ladies were having a good night, or were they just this good every night?  Either way, it is a shame they ended the band at this point because if they had stayed together, the potential for more hits and a few classics is obviously there.  Fortunately, this is a fine HD record of them at their best as it was intended and


The 1080i 1.78 X 1 digital High Definition image looks good for an HD production, with some care taken to make it look top rate despite the limits of the format.  If this looked any better, I would have had to rate it higher, but it is lit somewhat darkly for the style of the stage presentation.  There are detail limits even at this level, but is pretty good for HD of its type and age.


The sound includes fairly good Dolby Digital 5.1, slightly fuller PCM 16bit/48Khz 2.0 Stereo and an especially impressive PCM 16-bit/48kHz 5.1 mix that may not be SACD, but is as good as any HD concert disc we have covered so far to date.  You can hear limits in the sound and it is unfortunate this is not here in DTS HD or Dolby TrueHD.  If this is a DSD (Direct Stream Digital) recording that would come out on SACD, those tracks are the only way to deliver the sound.  We suspect there is more sound fidelity here than even the PCM offers, but it is the best on this 50GB disc.  The Pat Metheny Group – The Way Up Live is still the best audio for a concert in the HD formats (available in both as reviewed elsewhere on this site) to date.


Extras include Destiny’s Child – A Family Affair (running just past a half-hour), Fan Testimonials (about 14 minutes in HD), Kelly Rowland Sophomore CD album teaser, Dreamgirls Movie & Soundtrack Trailer and three bonus audio pieces including Flashback featuring Kelly Rowland, Check On It (Remix) featuring Beyoncé (Bun B and Slim Thug) and Let’s Stay Together Featuring Michelle Williams.  I only wished some of their Music Videos had been here in HD, but that would also be an idea for another full-length Blu-ray.


The record labels are finally catching up with Eagle Vision and Image Entertainment in putting out music material in the HD formats.  Sony is strictly doing Blu-ray, of course, but have so many great HD-ready programs (some on film, some great concerts from the likes of Sade) that as it had with regular DVD, music titles could make the difference for the HD formats.  With CD’s very high in price for the limited content you get (80 minutes if you are lucky), downloads bringing back the idea of the single and the record labels in a tailspin in general, Blu-rays like this prove the long-form concert and Music Video program are far from dead.  That also means the album itself could live.


Destiny’s Child – Live In Atlanta is an early key title that could change things for the better.  It is now up to the major labels to keep delivering the goods.



-   Nicholas Sheffo


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