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The Very Best Of The Doobie Brothers (2007 CD Set)


Sound: B-†††† Music: B



Beginning back in 1970, The Doobie Brothers quickly became one of the top touring and recording Rock bands in the business, with its mix of Rock, Blues, Country and Pop.The band eventually became identified with Michael McDonald when he became their most prominent lead singer, but they held together until 1983.With producer Ted Templeton, they had a critical and commercial run few band ever see.The 1988/1989 reunion had some commercial success, but was not the same and the band folded again.1991 and 2000 saw new releases, but they did not work out either.However, The Very Best Of The Doobie Brothers is a new CD set from Rhino that tries to highlight it all.


The hits and favorites across two CDs include include:


Listen To The Music

Jesus Is Just Alright

Rockin' Down The Highway

Long Train Runnin'

China Grove

South City Midnight Lady

Another Park, Another Sunday

Eyes Of Silver


Black Water

Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me)

Sweet Maxine

I Cheat The Hangman

Takin' It To The Streets

Wheels of Fortune

It Keeps You Runnin'

Little Darling (I Need You)

Echoes Of Love

What A Fool Believes

Minute By Minute

Depending On You

Real Love

One Step Closer

Wynken, Blynken and Nod

Keep This Train A-Rollin'

Here To Love You

You Belong To Me

The Doctor

South Of The Border

Need A Little Taste of Love


Rollin' On

Ordinary Man



That samples 12 studio albums, but running here in a chronological order, it does not always seem logical.After Minute By Minute, they start to become lax and their version of the Carly Simon hit You Belong To Me (which Simon and McDonald co-wrote) seems more like the end of an era.They never find their voice again and McDonald went on to a solo career that was briefly interesting, then a disaster with endless (and endlessly poor) Motown covers.


There is no doubt that Listen To The Music, Jesus Is Just Alright, Rockin' Down The Highway, Long Train Runnin', China Grove, Black Water, Takin' It To The Streets, It Keeps You Runnin' and What A Fool Believes are inarguably great singles and the band deserved the critical and commercial success they got, but this expanded version of previous hit sets seems superfluous and painful as you get to the second CD.So, it should still sound great, right?


Wrong!The PCM 2.0 16 bit/44.1kHz Stereo is tinny, tiny and even compressed to some extent throughout the two CDs.You would think we would get better transfers form the master tapes, but this all sounds second or third generation and is the kind of set that makes the quarter-century CD format seem older.Even the newest tracks suffer from this.


If you can find them, you would be better off getting the old 24K Gold CD of the 1976 Best Of set or if you can find it, get the best Doobie Brothers disc on the market.In 2001, Warner and Rhino issued the hit 1973 album The Captain & Me in the higher fidelity DVD-Audio format.One of the best albums issued by anybody in the now-fading format, it featured a DVD-Video side that offered the album in Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS 5.1, but the DVD-Audio side offered the album in the MLP (Meridian Lossless Packing) format.This advanced PCM format is easily decoded by equipped players and offered 192 kHz/24 bit MLP 2.0 Stereo and 96 kHz/24 bit MLP 5.1 mixes.It was also a rare disc that offered one side per format and was even reissued.


Now out of print, its stunning audio performance shows further proof that the wrong materials were used for this CD set.Skip this set and look for those and other audiophile editions of the bandís music instead.



-†† Nicholas Sheffo


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