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Twitch City – The Complete Series


Picture: C     Sound: C+     Extras: C     Episodes: B-



The series Twitch City originally appeared on Canadian television in 1998 then went off the air for some reason and returned in 2000.  Twitch City: The Complete Series has just been released on DVD in all its Canadian glory.  The show is set in Canada and stars four unique individuals who have their own peculiarities.  Curtis is basically a shut-in, TV addicted, slob who often annoys his anal and tightly wound roommate Nathan.  Nathan’s girlfriend Hope (Molly Parker of Deadwood) is a goodhearted girl who tries to make the best of the crap that life throws at her.  Finally there is Curtis’s friend and convenience store clerk Newbie, who seems to always be more trouble than he is worth.  The series is interesting with a great cast that all interact well together, to create a dark comedy that will definitely intrigue audiences.


The show when originally aired failed to capture the attention of general audiences, but gained much critical acclaim.  The series also gained a cult following in recent years, and many are pleased to see this DVD release.  With the plot centering on Curtis constantly finding a new roommate after Nathan’s unfortunate incarceration, after killing a homeless man with a can of cat food, the series offers audiences unique and unexpected storylines.  From shady business men who peddle drug-filled cookies to Neo-Nazis the show surely had a different flavor.


The technical aspects of this 2-Disc DVD release are very base level.  The picture is presented in a somewhat grainy 1.33 X 1 Full Screen.  The colors are often off balance and the occasionally the picture is too dark.  The sound is presented in a simple Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo that is nothing impressive and at times is weak.  The extras are very sparse only offering a few commentaries, a still gallery, and cast and crew bios.  The bios are there but a bit on the boring side.


Twitch City at times seems like an unending drug trip, but oh what a wonderful trip it is!



-   Michael P Dougherty II


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