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Tears For Fears – Everybody Loves A Happy Ending (CD)


Sound: B+     Music: B-



For their reunion album in 2004, the duo that was Tears For Fears, Curt Smith and Roland Orzabal, were back with Everybody Loves A Happy Ending.  With Donnie Darko putting Head Over Heals back on the map and the fans of the duo still loyal after all these years, it was hoped that a big comeback was in the works.  The album included:


1)     Everybody Loves A Happy Ending

2)     Closest Thing To Heaven

3)     Call Me Mellow

4)     Size Of Sorrow

5)     Who Killed Tangerine?

6)     Quiet Ones

7)     Who Are You?

8)     The Devil

9)     Secret World

10)  Killing With Kindness

11)  Ladybird

12)  Last Days On Earth



Instead of picking up where The Seeds Of Love left off, the album kicks off with some Beatles-like pop (circa Rubber Soul) and also goes back to a Pop sensibility of the late 1960s to early 1970s.  Unfortunately, that was too safe and retro at a time when know-nothings labeled and bashed anything like that and the album floundered.


Too bad, because there are a few good singles here like Quiet Ones that make more sense in a reunion release, but the duo started form another direction and though the music is better than most of the mass-produced garbage we are getting now, it does not always feel like it is them and their identity.  Guess they picked the wrong time to work through The Beatles.  Still, it is an interesting listen and competent, but far what they achieved with their early work.  Did this make them sound too much like a legacy act?  Let’s hope their next release is different.


The PCM 16/44.1 2.0 Stereo is exceptionally rich and clear, begging the question, why did Universal not consider this (or any of their albums) for SACD and DVD-Audio release?  The production by the duo with Charlton Pettus is sonically rich and engineered in a superior manner.  They obviously have more to offer, to say and the superior talent to deliver.  Hear this one if you can.


The cover reminded me of Crowded House’s album Crowded House (out in a DVD-Audio with solid 2-channel and iffy 5.1) with its curtain/stage motif.  Too bad that band did not join them on a track in a reunion.


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-   Nicholas Sheffo


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