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Category:    Home > Reviews > Rock > Pop > Music Videos > Concert > Crystal Visions… The Very Best Of Stevie Nicks (CD/DVD Set)

Crystal Visions… The Very Best Of Stevie Nicks (CD/DVD Set)


Picture: C     Sound: B     Extras: B     Music/Videos: B



Before the Mirage album concluded the first block of the Lindsey Buckingham/Stevie Nicks era of Fleetwood Mac, almost all the members did solo projects.  Buckingham did his bold solo debut Law & Order, Mick Fleetwood launched his Zoo, Christine McVie eventually made her first “official” solo album and Nicks made Bella Donna.  It was easily the largest success and she even surpassed Bob Welch as the most successful solo artist from the band’s long decades of existence.  Though she has had a hits set before, Crystal Visions… The Very Best Of Stevie Nicks (2007) updates the previous set and adds a DVD.


Tracklisting for each disc is as follows:




  1. Edge Of Seventeen
  2. l Can't Wait
  3. Sorcerer
  4. If Anyone Falls In Love
  5. Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (with Tom Petty)
  6. Silver Springs (with Fleetwood Mac)
  7. Dreams (with Deep Dish)
  8. Rhiannon (Live)
  9. Rooms On Fire
  10.  Talk To Me
  11.  Landslide (Live with The Melbourne Symphony)
  12.  Stand Back
  13.  Planets Of The Universe
  14.  Rock And Roll (Live)
  15.  Leather And Lace (with Don Henley)
  16.  Edge Of Seventeen (Live with The Melbourne Symphony)





1)     Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (with Tom Petty)

2)      Edge Of Seventeen (Live)

3)     Stand Back (Scarlett Version)

4)     Stand Back

5)     If Anyone Falls In Love

6)     Talk To Me

7)     I Can't Wait

8)     Rooms On Fire

9)     Whole Lotta Trouble

10)   Sometimes It's A Bitch

11)   Blue Denim

12)   Every Day

13)   Sorcerer (with Sheryl Crow)



The CD is smart in offering alternate versions of familiar hits, including a few Mac tracks and the long-unavailable Silver Springs in its original cut.  It is easy to loose track of her hits and this is a nice summation.  The live tracks are interesting and it makes you wonder why she did not do more duets later since the early ones worked out so well.  The DVD is a decent collection of her often memorable and extravagant Music Videos, something she started doing just before Mac did.  This includes the hilarious first version of Stand Back, set during The Civil War, costing much money and then shelved because it was so wrecked.  There are live clips, but most are big productions, especially where singles where launching albums.


The context itself is very strong and Nicks deserves more credit than she gets for holding up despite personal crisis.  The picture quality of the videos are usually poor and most are 1.33 X 1.  Though most are filmed, effects were added with analog video and has aged them more than they would be otherwise.  For future HD presentation, we hope these get upgraded.  The PCM 16-bit 2.0 Stereo on both discs are pretty good (44.1 kHz for CD, 48kHz for DVD) and do not sound second generation.


There are also a few extras.  One is a long half-hour Making Of Bella Donna piece that features old analog NTSC video of the album being recorded that somehow survived.  Even better though is optional audio commentary by Nicks on all the Videos that is often a hoot.  Like Pat Benatar and Suzanne Vega did on their Videos on DVD, Nicks tells it like it is about her work and makes some great observations.  There are even a few howlers in there.  You should watch the Videos first, then listen to her comments.  That alone is worth the price of this whole set, but Reprise has done a great job in putting this set together and we can only hope more artists get to do the same with their career retrospectives.



-   Nicholas Sheffo


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