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Batman Beyond – Season Three


Picture: B-     Sound: B-     Extras: B-     Episodes: B+



In the same bloodline as such animated favorites as Batman - The Animated Series, Superman - The Animated Series, and Justice League; Batman Beyond was one of the top animated shows to ever appear on National Television.  Now on DVD is Batman Beyond - Season Three.  The series that continues that Batman universe is dark and filled with rage and revenge.  The series started with the now aged dark knight recruiting a troubled teenager named Terry McGinnis to take over where he left off.  Gotham City is just as dark and corrupt as ever and the city needs a hero again.


Some say that Terry just stole the hi-tech bat-suit from Bruce Wayne, but the truth is Wayne always had a greater purpose for the young Terry McGinnis that even he did not know.  In these final 13 episodes of the groundbreaking series that spurred a whole new DC Universe, we as an audience get to see Batman 2.0 soar into being a true hero.  Batman smashes and swings his way through Gotham as he defeats the evil Royal Flush Gang, Ink, The Kobras, and many more. 


Great highlights from the series include Superman asking Terry to join the Justice League (which would later be a spin off) and Bruce Wayne gaining back a little youth while meeting an old foe.  The series is, was, and will always be amazing.


The technical features of the set are very nice.  The picture is presented in a simple 1.33 X 1 Full Screen that is free of debris and remains crisp throughout.  The only issue is that the picture is a bit darker than intended at times as well the color needing a sprucing up.  The sound is adequate in its Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo, but could ‘pop,’ ‘bang,’ and ‘zoom’ more.  The extras are also adequate but this reviewer would have like to see more since is the final set of 13 episodes.  Extras include an ‘Inside Batman Beyond – Season 3’ Featurette, a ‘Closeup on favorite moments’ featurette, and nothing else sadly.  Overall, a great little set.


The series was creative and groundbreaking.  This reviewer cannot stress that enough.  Batman Beyond - Season 3 never had a series finale episode; actually the last episode was never aired in its normal slot.  The series has never officially been canceled since the writers and artists went on to develop the series version of Justice League, but most fans and critics see little hope of Batman Beyond ever flying to our televisions again.  Buy this set.  Enjoy this set.  Know the legacy that is Batman.



-   Michael P Dougherty II


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