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Justice League Unlimited Season Two


Picture: B Sound: B Extras: B Episodes: A-



A sad, sad day has finally come; the end of the Justice League. Justice League Unlimited - Season Two has now arrived on DVD in its last fight of glory. From creator Bruce Tim, this new Justice League has been breaking ground and all the rules since its premiere. Though Justice League had a rough start it was always much better than the campy Super Friends series or the fluffy Spiderman, Fantastic Four cartoons of the early 90s. Justice League managed to combine the DC universe in such a serene way that it is disgusting that the series did not last longer. For those new to the series, here is a brief synopsis. Justice League only technically lasted two seasons before supposedly being canceled, but shortly after JL was cancelled it was announced that a new series would be debuting entitled Justice League Unlimited. *Critic Rolls Eyes*


Well, what was the difference? There is no true difference at heart but on the surface it seems much different. In the original series there was only the seven, original, founding, Justice League members; Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Hawk Girl, and The Martian Manhunter. In Justice League Unlimited, however, over fifty new superheroes were added to the lineup. This made the Justice League universe much more expansive and detailed. Also the theme song and opening changed for Justice League Unlimited, but was nothing special. Overall, most fans will say that Justice League and Justice League Unlimited are the same series, but one just has more characters.


In this final Justice League season, we get another huge story arch from the creators that brought the world the unforgettable universes of Batman - The Animated Series and Superman - The Animated Series. This time around the writers focus on something they never used extensively previously, the dastardly evil Legion of Doom. Lex Luthor fresh out of prison and missing his once mentally fused counterpart, Brainiac, decides to join forces with a group of devious super villains who act as the flip-side of the Justice League, using each other to carryout their evil deeds. The show has always demonstrated an incomprehensible amount of continuity, but with the addition of over 100 characters it is simply a stunning animation experience to partake in. Justice League (Unlimited) is one of the best and most true to the Superhero Universe series that has ever been created and will be hard to top. The voice acting is amazing. The art direction is stupendous. The characters make you never want to stop watching. If there was one series that comic book/superhero fans have to see, this is it.


The technical features on this flashy, super set are great. The picture is presented in a nice 1.66 X 1 Widescreen that makes the series look like a work of art (Try putting it is freeze frame, AMAZING!). The colors are bright, there is no debris, no light/dark issues, and just overall is a great presentation. The sound is also adequate in its Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo format, but this reviewer could have used more umph behind some of the scenes that was just not there. The extras are surprisingly well done, and can be watched again and again. Extras include a featurette entitled Cadmus Exposed hosted by Mark Hamill (freakin' Luke Skywalker!) as the writing team discusses certain story arches, Justice League Chronicles with the series writers and directors discussing their favorite moments, and a music only audio track that is splendidly done. Overall, a nicely displayed 2-disc, 300 minute set.


EVERYONE, must see this series. To be more accurate everyone MUST see this entire series. This reviewer recommends that viewers should start from Justice League - Season One to get the full experience, but it never hurts to start on this last season either (Seeing as they are all wonderful). Justice League was one of the best television series to grace the airwaves, now that it is gone there seems to be a large superhero void in all our hearts. Where are you Justice League.Please come back?!



- Michael P Dougherty II


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