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The Patriot – Extended Cut (2000/Blu-ray)


Picture: A-     Sound: A-     Extras: C+     Film: B



When Roland Emmerich’s The Patriot arrived in 2000, Mel Gibson was its one big star and the film was a hit, despite (and maybe because of) criticism that the film being reactionary, violent and allow in children to handle firearms.  Of course, the Reactionary Left forgot to note the kind of necessities fighting The Revolutionary War so their could be a United States, but the switch from solid history to slanted variations of cultural studies that have little to do with any real culture (i.e., Chairman Mao) is the issue.  And to think an action film with comedy became a target.


The story involves the challenges Benjamin Martin (Gibson) must face when he first ignores the changing tides that are about to bring wear, than has no choice but to face them.  This was one of the first hits for Heath Ledger, who coasted on fluff for a few years before it almost ended his career.  This was also the last big production by co-producers Dean Devlin and Emmerich before going their separate ways.  At least they ended on a high note.


Very early on in this site, a version longer than the theatrical release was covered in its 2-DVD Superbit Deluxe edition.  It remains one of the best sound and picture performers in the format and that review is as follows:





This version is even a bit longer than that one, though it does not make the film any more a serious historical piece.  It is a fun, amusing film that is ambitious in scope and has some truly impressive action sequences.  Any obvious digital is more than offset by actual physical fight scenes along with the combination of energy and ambition that brings Robert Rodat’s script alive.  The film holds up very well for its age and is helped by a supporting cast that have all become more popular, known and successful since, including Jason Issacs, Joely Richardson, Chris Cooper and Tom Wilkinson.  Rene Auberjonois also stars.



Well, once again, Emmerich’s The Patriot is a performance gem in Sony catalog.  It looked good on DVD, better on Superbit DVD and is now one of the best-looking titles in either HD format on the market.  As shot by Caleb Deschanel, A.S.C., most of the film is Super 35 and in its 1080p 2.35 X 1 digital High Definition presentation is impressive.  However, key battle sequences are shot in 65mm negative and those shots rival the best HD discs on the market for picture performance.  Color, detail, depth and richness are terrific throughout and is one all serious Blu-ray collections will want.


This film was an 8-channel SDDS theatrical release and though Blu-ray has seen 7.1 releases, Sony has issued this disc in several Dolby Digital 5.1 language mixes and a PCM 5.1 16/48 that is the equal of the terrific DTS mix on the Superbit DVD.  Yes, there is some fold-down from the original mix, some dialogue sounds more forward than expected and you might even have other minor issues, but the mix has aged very well and you can hear the effort and money involved.  John Williams’ score is one of his best commercial works to boot.


Despite the many extras the Superbit Deluxe offered, there are only two featurettes here: The Art Of War and The True Patriots, but you can still get the Superbit set if you need them.  Though this is recent back catalog, this is one of the best Blu-ray discs on the market and an early winner in HD releases.



-   Nicholas Sheffo


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