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American Dad! – Volume Two


Picture: B-     Sound: B-     Extras: C+     Episodes: B-



Seth MacFarlane attempts to make lightening strike twice with his offbeat American satire with American Dad.  On 5/15/07, 20th Century Fox released American Dad: Volume Two, which is about a year between DVD volume releases.  American Dad had a rough start at first and to put it simply was just not very funny.  To this reviewer the initial dilemma was that audiences were expecting another Family Guy type clone from creator Seth MacFarlane, but once the viewer realizes the distinct, unique, and personal charm American Dad demonstrates the series is quite humorous.  Here is a quick summation of the series.


The series stars Stan Smith a CIA Agent who is so preoccupied with America and his job that his family must find a way to balance his goofy an often hazardous antics.  The rest of the family consists of Francine (the mom) who dances the thin line between quirky head of household and moron, Hayley (the daughter) who is too righteous and hippie for her own good [picture Lisa Simpson but dumber], Steve (the son) who embodies extreme nerdom in a world where his father attempts to be ‘captain cool’, Roger (the in house Alien) who was rescued from CIA experimentation by Stan and now spends day and night drinking and basically being a squatter, and finally Klaus (the fish…maybe) who is a goldfish with the brain of a East German Olympic Skier [I’ll leave it at that].


The show is wacky and if you like politics or watch FOX news or even CNN this series might tickle your political heart strings.  The show is quite a large deviation from the nonsensical humor associated with Family guy (though the animation style remains consistent), but once you understand the drier humor of the series it is quite enjoyable.


This 3-disc, 415 minutes set finishes off the remaining 10 episodes of Season One and continues into Season Two with 9 more episodes of political and family turmoil.  This reviewer more so prefers strict Season Sets, but for true fans of the series or even Family Guy this is a box set to surely pickup.


The technical features on this set are nice, clean, and to the point.  The picture is presented in the expected 1.33 X 1 Full Screen but definitely deserves the Anamorphic Widescreen treatment.  The picture as with most new animation is clear and crisp with only mild color issues at times.  The sound is basic and by no means impressive in its Dolby Digital Stereo format, only doing the bare minimum for a series that some consider a lukewarm Family Guy.  The extras don’t add or detract from the box set, but it is nice that features are there with extras including commentaries for each episode, featurettes, and deleted scenes (ok that they were deleted mostly).  Overall, a nice box set that does not go out of its way to impress.


The series is by no means ‘deep’ but it does have its spot on satirical moments, especially if you are not a George W. Bush fan.  The satire is not as strong or meaningful as say the geriatric Simpsons series or the message spouting boys over at South Park, but with Stan Smith trying to find to balance for his love of America and the love he has for his family hilarity often times ensues.  Good morning U.S.A.!



-   Michael P Dougherty II


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