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Category:    Home > Reviews > Action > “Search & Destroy/The Glove” Drive-In Double Feature (Dark Sky Films/DVD-Video)

“Search & Destroy/The Glove” Drive-In Double Feature (Dark Sky Films/DVD-Video)


Picture: C+     Sound: C+     Extras: C     Films: C



Dark Sky continues their fun series of Drive-In Double Feature DVDs with two more late 1970s corny action thrillers, both 1979 in this case.  With shades of Vietnam, Search & Destroy was produced by the creators of the TV game show classic The Joker’s Wild, Jack Barry & Dan Enright, recovering from the 1950s game show scandal.  Two ex-soldiers (Don Shroud and Perry King) from an elite unit discovering their comrades are being picked off one by one.


Don Enright, Dan’s son, wrote and co-produced this goofy film that never works, no matter its ambitions.  However, that is the point of including it here, with mixed action sequences at best.  Director William Fruet was best-known for his high-profile exploitation/sexploitation flick The House By The Lake (aka Death Weekend) with Brenda Vaccaro in what was a racy Straw Dogs knock-off with touches of Texas Chain Saw Massacre thrown in for the outdoor sequences.  He seems lost here, though the script does not help.  George Kennedy, Tisa Farrow and Pank Jong Soo as the killer also star.


Actor-turned-director Russ Hagen went for domestic terror as Rosie Greer goes on a killing spree wearing The Glove, and only John Saxon can stop him!  Starting with its goofy opening theme song and cheap-looking credit sequences, you know you are in for a bad film and with Joanna Cassidy, Keenan Wynn, Aldo Ray, Joan Blondell and Jack Carter, one that almost redeems its badness.  It is barely the better of the two films, but not by too much.


Both are here in anamorphically enhanced 1.85 X 1 and look aged, but are just solid and film-like enough to enjoy.  Both are also in Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono, sounding a little better than expected for their age, but not much.  The cinematography and music are not much to write home about in either case, though Robert O. Ragland (Abby, Grizzly, Trouble Man) turns in a workable score that helps The Glove to be more bearable.


There are no direct extras tied to the film, but like the other double features in this series, you get trailers (often of product from Dark Sky on DVD) before both films and classic trailers to promote the concession stand and let you know about coming attractions, et al.  Even when the films don’t work, these compilations always do, making these Drive-In Double Features work.  You can read about another such double feature release, this time with two Spy genre films, at this link:


“Assassination In Rome/Espionage In Tangiers”




-   Nicholas Sheffo


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