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Category:    Home > Reviews > Concert > Stand Up Comedy > Documentary > War > Comics On Duty – We Love You, Mrs. Bevins

Comics On Duty – We Love You, Mrs. Bevins


Picture: C     Sound: C     Extras: C     Episodes: C



Stand-up comedy can be relative, but sometimes, it is not funny at all.  In the case of Comics On Duty – We Love You, Mrs. Bevins, soldiers who are stuck overseas are visited by stand-up comics (who are dressed like them and act like they are soldiers in a strange editing job) give it their best shot and do get some laughs.  Since the posting of this review, we were told that these comedians were professionals flown in to entertain.  That is how confusing and confused this is, though it may be more than that.


Either way, the very premise of this release however sincere is grim and disturbing.  The more jokes told, the uglier a new facet of the Bush Administration’s purposely disastrous policy to keep us spending billions overseas to bankrupt the U.S. Government plus make their friends richer (like Halliburton with their no-bid contracts that made them rich enough to cut and run to Dubai) is a disgrace.


Though this is not about any of that, the problem is that ignoring the multi-faceted problems with Iraq (the lies that got us there, the weapons and money that keep disappearing, the people who keep dying, the Civil War the government keeps denying, certain forces that want war without end to make money) is like Leni Riefenstahl’s Triumph Of The Will or Olympia ignoring The Holocaust.  I hope all involved come home soon.


The 1.33 X 1 image is soft and from various low-def sources throughout, which was expected when I read the nature of the piece, a problem that extends to the barely stereo Dolby Digital 2.0 sound.  The only extra is an audio commentary by the creators which can also be sad and painful to hear, especially the more I consider this project.



-   Nicholas Sheffo


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