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My Hero – Season Two (2007/BBC Video)


Picture: B-     Sound: C+     Extras: D     Episodes: B



My Hero – Season Two collects the further adventures of "Theroman", the British Sitcom of the alien super-hero and his experiences on Earth.  The series is the comedic adventures of George Sunday, aka "Theroman" from the planet, Ultron.  George, played with great child-like charm by Ardal O'Hanlon, lives with his girlfriend Janet, a nurse played by Emily Joyce, who helps him learns the strange ways of his new adopted planet.  In the first season, George met Janet when he saved her from falling into The Grand Canyon while she was on vacation.  Thermoman instantly falls in love with Janet, finds out where she lives and pursues her as George.  Despite George's odd behavior (not being familiar with Earth customs), Janet fall's in love too, and George soon reveals his secret identity to her.


Janet's parent's, Stanley and Ella, wish Janet would dump the strange George and date her boss, Dr. Piers Crispin, an egocentric wannabe who has a daytime TV show along with his General Practice.  Crispin has aspirations of being a big time TV star so he can dump his practice and "stop being around all these sick people".  Janet also works with the sadistic Mrs. Raven, a miserable old biddy who gets great pleasure out of picking on Dr. Crispin and his patients.  She continuously talks about her triplets or as she calls them "The Spawns of Hell".


George also owns and operates a health food store that doesn't do a lot of business.  George's assistant, the burnt-out ex-hippie Tyler, knows George's secret identity, but nobody believes him when he talks about it because he always talks about his adventures in space and his previous abductions.  George has a cousin Arnie, also from Ultron, who owns and operates a casino in Las Vegas.  Arnie was once a superhero like George, but had his powers stripped from him when it was found out that he was charging people for his super-services.


My Hero is a delightful series that is a lot of fun to watch. O'Hanlon plays George/Thermoman with a great innocence, like he's a big child, as he learns of the weird (to him) Earth-like ways.  This innocence plays well against his new native-Earth friends, as it shows the eccentric quarks of each individual, sometimes literally.  Having weird quarks of his own, George can only change into Thermoman in a bathroom.  He senses coming disasters and emergences by taking a big "whiff" of the air.  It is very funny watching him talk to someone, suddenly stop, turn his head, "SNIFF!" and he's off to save the day somewhere half-way around the world.


The show is a great "fish out of water" premise.  Being a comedy, it is more about George adapting to our ways than his super-hero adventures.  In Season Two's episodes, he learns about Christmas, parental acceptance, the value of holding down a well paying job, jealousy and in the final two episodes of the season, pregnancy and marriage.


The one thing I found to be odd while watching this series is that all the aliens have non-British accents.  George speaks with Irish accent. Arnie speaks with an American accent, like he's from Brooklyn.  (In the first season, it was revealed that he originally settled in New York and operated a cafe.)  In the third episode, George's betrothed fiancée comes to Earth to claim her husband-to-be.  Even she has a Scottish accent.  I don't know if this is done on purpose, but it is a neat "shtick".  This is a great comedy for adults and children alike.


The anamorphically enhanced 1.78 X 1 image is shot in HD and is not bad despite some color and detail limits, while The Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo sound is very basic and standard. The disc's only extra is of the main cast biographies, which is not much at all for a new show.



-   Marc Greisinger


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