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Category:    Home > Reviews > Anime > TV > Japan > Ergo Proxy: Terror Incognita + Fate/Stay Night: Medea (both Volume 5)

Ergo Proxy: Terra Incognita + Fate/Stay Night: Medea (Volume 5 each/Geneon)


For a change, we’ll cover two Animé DVDs in one review…



Ergo Proxy, Volume 5: Terra Incognita


Picture: B-     Sound: B     Extras: C-     Episodes: B



The future Earth is in ruins, people survive in automated citied 'Domes', seemingly paradise...  Everyone, everything is perfect, no one questions anything... accept for mysterious creatures called 'Proxies' that walk the night.  What are they?  What is the truth?  What has happened to turn everything outside the dome into a barren wasteland?  As Re-l, Vincent, and Pino continue on their journey, they discover bits and pieces of what happened to the world. But even discovering Vincent and Ergo Proxy reside in one body, there is still much mystery surrounding the proxy, and it seems it doesn't want them to know the truth....


In a fallen world, where everything isn't what it seems to be.  As the story begins to reach the climax, truth & illusion begin to surface.  The journey of Re-l, Vincent and Pino becomes a journey to look inside themselves facing their own desires, fears, and reason why they exist.  Even thought Vincent and Ergo Proxy share a body it seems they don't share minds, who IS Vincent Law and is he only something that exist IN Ergo Proxy or the other way around?  As they discover why the Proxies exist and the people of the domed cities... but why do they need them?  Are Proxies really the enemy, what are they?


A well drawn series, with an unique story, it was amusing to watch some of the episodes that suddenly take reference to something in the real world, I especially laughed at the one with 'Smile Land' referencing to a certain famous amusement park. But even when they are tangents from the main story plot, they do give hints and clues series to where it is going.


Episode 17: Terra Incognita (Never-Ending Battle)


As the journey continues, Re-l, Vincent and Pino what happens to people if they live outside the protection of the domes.  But even within the domes is it better to live outside? Are the people the dome's citizens or its prisoners?


Episode 18: Life After God (Sign Of The End)


Finally reaching the ruins of Vincent's home city Mosk, they search for clues to Vincent’s fragmented past, but even so Ergo Proxy doesn't want them to know...


Episode 19: Eternal Smile (Girl With A Smile)


Pino is in a city that is like gigantic amusement park, everyone seems happy, but are they?  Only Pino seems not to be part of the plan, but there is something she must to do...


Episode 20: Goodbye Vincent (Scared Eye Of The Void)


As Vincent and the gang return to Romdo for answer, Vincent is suddenly dragged into a world of his own illusions. Filled with his own desires, fear, and anxieties will he be able to break free?



Fate/Stay Night, Volume 5: Medea


Picture: B-     Sound: B-     Extras: C-     Episodes: B



As the Holy Grail Wars continue, fewer servants remain... but the remaining enemies are just as deadly and dangerous.  After the powerful servant Berserker was defeated, the other Masters and Servants begin to move.  Shiro even with Rin and Saber by his side must plan the next course of action. But he doesn't even have time for that when his childhood friend Sakura gets captured and is intended to be a sacrifice.  But from the darkness where 7 Masters battle with 7 Servants, suddenly emerges an 8th servant, a mysterious golden warrior, the previous champion of the Holy Grail Wars, and seems to be some past with Saber as well...


Another beautifully draw Animé and characters, filled with plenty of action and comical moments as well.  It is a mix of modern anime with a bit a mythology thrown in.  It has an interesting mix of characters along with not only action, but drama, comedy, and adventure.  As the characters fight for the Holy Grail for their own desires and wishes to be granted, unexpected characters and events occur as well, keeping things exciting.


Asides a names based on myth, the series is like a mix of combat, drama and comedy into modern anime.  Not only is the fighting scene beautifully drawn, but the drama between the characters develops as the story progresses and the characters develop feelings for one another allow comedy between the characters as well.  It has an interesting mix of different aspects that can appeal to variety of different tastes.


Episode 17: Mark Of The Witch


A powerful Servant/magician Caster is able to summon her own servant as well, Assassin. Plans to win by sacrificing a magician...


Episode 18: Decisive Battle


Sakura has been captured, Shirou, Rin and Saber must not only rescue her but face not only Caster, but Assassin as well.  But time is running out, and they must fight them within Caster's realm.


Episode 19: The Golden King


A mysterious golden warrior appears and finishes off Caster, the previous winner of the Holy Grail Wars, but what is his objective?  He seems to want Saber for himself as well...


Episode 20: Distant Trace Of A Dream


After another huge battle, Shirou and Saber gets the chance to take a break, a chance think and decide what they will do if they get the Holy Grail... so they go out on a date.




The anamorphically enhanced 1.78 X 1 image looks very good in both cases, even with the stylized approach of the animation.  The sound mixes are well-recorded, including Dolby 5.1 and 2.0 Stereo mixes, but the DTS 5.1 on Ergo is the one to go with in that case and is still too rare for Animé on DVD as far as we are concerned.  Extras only include previews on Ergo and Stay has TV CM and a promo video, which is hardly anything in either case.



-   Ricky Chiang


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