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Category:    Home > Reviews > Animation > TV > Comedy > Horror > Monster > Supernatural > Filmation’s Ghostbusters – Volume Two (BCI Eclipse)

Filmation’s Ghostbusters – Volume Two (BCI Eclipse)


Picture: B     Sound: B-     Extras: B     Episodes: B-



Finishing up where Volume One left off, Filmation’s Ghostbusters: Volume Two finishes up the series and is now available on DVD for all to enjoy.  The animated series that was loosely based on the 1975 live action television series The Ghost Busters (reviewed elsewhere on this site).  This second volume set finishes the series collection, containing the last 33 episodes of the 65 total episodes the series ran for in its 3 season run.  This particular Ghostbusters series is distinct from the other 1980s series based on the Bill Murray/Dan Aykroyd film, both of two series have their own merits and are both uniquely distinct.  The Second Volume of Filmation’s Ghostbusters once again centers on the sons (Jake and Eddie) of the original Ghostbusters from that 1975 live action series as well as their furry counterpart Tracy the Gorilla, who also appeared with their fathers in the original live action series.  The series also stars a strong willed news reporter named Jessica and a time hopping female ghost named Futura, who both bring flare to the series.  Not only do the boys hop through time and capture every ghost that comes in their path, but they always regroup at their Haunted House headquarters.  The series is very interesting and really stands the test of time as a fun and innovative animated series.


The Second Volume is seamless with Volume One in that it has no down or boring moments.  The series was not on the air long enough to go bad and as is seen with many Filmation ventures the series is creative and intriguing.  Throughout its amazing 65 episode run, Ghostbusters was always fun and artistically driven.   The series maintains a constant sense of humor while managing to captivate audiences of all ages, but each episode always ended with a positive message.  Though the messages are often corny and a bit much, nevertheless the messages portrayed are a true and strong testament to that great 1980s flash we all love.


The series comes in a nice cardboard slipcase with 5 Discs in 3 slim cases.  Also included (as BCI always does) is an excellent 6 page booklet explaining each episode and the special feature included in the set.  The booklet even goes a little above and beyond in that under each episode description there is a tid-bit of episode trivia that is very refreshing.  This trivia could range from “this episode was inspired from…” too “In the original script…,” no matter what being fun.  Also from reading the plethora of trivia it is noticeable that Ghostbusters took many elements from the He-Man series (reviewed elsewhere on this site).


The technical features on this Filmation Classic Series are quite good.  The picture is in the original aspect ratio of a 1.33 X 1 Full Screen.  The picture remains clear, crisp, and color balanced throughout surprisingly; since many 1980s series have just fallen apart beyond repair.  BCI studios has been putting out of a plethora of great 1980s animated series but they often contain light/dark issues, off balance color, and a ton of debris, by no fault of BCI.


The DVD’s sound is presented in a simple Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo that is clear for the most part but does occasionally sound distant.  The extras, as on most BCI animated sets, are scarily good.  The extra features again include Creator Interviews that give much insight into the series, a Ghostbusters anti-drug TV spot #4, the series unaired 1985 presentation [Rare Footage], image galleries, and much more.  Also found on this set an exclusive BONUS EPISODE of The Ghostbusters Live Action Series that is very interesting; it even features Forrest Tucker as ‘Kong.’  A nice way to finish up a great series set.


This reviewer personally loves all the 1980s animated series BCI is releasing; if they keep this up 80s animation fans will have a full and practically complete DVD library.  LET’S GO, GHOSTBUSTERS!



-   Michael P Dougherty II


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