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Category:    Home > Reviews > Anime > Fantasy > Japan > TV > 3 X 3 Eyes - Legend of the Divine Demon (Geneon)

3 X 3 Eyes - Legend of the Divine Demon (Geneon)


Picture: B-     Sound: B-     Extras: D     Episodes: C



Yakumo Fuji was just your everyday high school student, that was until Pai drop into his life and his life ended.  Pai the last survivor of the mystic race, Sanjiyan (tricolops) which holds the secret of eternal life.  Yakamo soul is bound with Pai's is unable to die or be killed and has become the guardian/protector of Pai.  Fighting against to stop the resurrection of Kaiyanwan they search for the means to turn both Yakamo and Pai human.  Unfortunately after a certain incident 'Pai' has lost her memories of the past and Yakamo after searching for 4 years finally finds Pai, but can he protect her from various demons who are after her?


This is an older anime, there is no CGI or any cool effects, but the story is rich in detail and as the characters struggle to against evil they discover mystic powers, legends and the mystery behind the Sanjiyan's past.


Aside from Yakumo getting beat up all the time and getting disemboweled, the story is interesting and quite grim sometimes, that not all things go to plan and characters do get killed.  But it make the story even more interesting how it ties into ancient folklore and the characters discover the truth and each other along the journey.  This DVD comes with an art gallery with fantastic art and character concept and design.


Episode 1: Descent


After searching Pai for four years Yakumo finally finds her, but she doesn't remember him... what is Yakumo to do?


Episode 2: The Key


Yakumo and Pai journey to the land of the Holy Demons, Pai's homeland, will they find the truth? Pai's past?  As they journey demon block their way and lurk in the shadows.


Episode 3: The Return


Yakumo and Pai is in the Holy land, here they discover what happened to mystic race of the Sanjiyan.  But will Pai have the courage and strength for the path ahead?




The 1.33 X 1 image is not bad with its stylizing, with color, definition and detail holding their own in this format but not the best such Geneon release, and old to boot.  The Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo has just enough Pro Logic surrounds in both languages to be enjoyed.  There are no extras.



-   Ricky Chiang


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