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Category:    Home > Reviews > Fantasy > Live Action > Computer Animation > Arthur & The Invisibles (Genius DVD)

Arthur & The Invisibles (DVD-Video)


Picture: B-†††† Sound: B-†††† Extras: C†††† Film: C+



Discover a magical and stunning CGI world with Arthur and the Invisibles now available on DVD.The story follows a ten year old boy named Arthur (Freddie Highmore of Tim Burtonís Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) as he takes a leap of faith and mind into a new world controlled by a group of tiny creatures known as the Minimoys.Arthurís grandmother once told Arthur a story of how the Minimoys were in debt to his grandfather and held, to this day, a great and expansive treasure for him.As an evil land developer named Davido buys out the mortgage on Arthurís Grandmotherís home, Arthur sets out on a mission to find the Minimoys Kingdom and recover the treasure that can save his Grandmother.Once in the kingdom Arthur finds himself entwined in a whole new way of life and infatuated with his new friends.A bit of turmoil arises when an evil group of Mosquito Flying rebels named Seides attempt to destroy the Minimoys by flooding their lands.Can Arthur help his new friends and recover a lost treasure?You be the judge and view Arthur and the Invisibles.


The film was ok but does not live up to many of this reviewerís current favorite CGI ventures like Finding Nemo or even the new TMNT film.The film uses both Live Action and CGI to create a magical atmosphere but falls short in fully using the capabilities of the combined format.The film is definitely family friendly, but that may not be a compliment.The film in many ways is a bastard version of the true French cut and destroyed much of the love story that was occurring between Selenia (voiced by Madonna) and Arthur, which greatly enhanced the story arch of the film and was more true to the novel.


Beyond the final cut being tattered and torn, other aspects of the film were still enjoyable.The voice acting cast is full of big names and good talents with the likes of Madonna, Robert DeNiro, and David Bowie showing up.Even Mia Farrow plays Arthurís Grandmother.In the end, this was not a great film but enough to give the kids a watch.Plus two sequels are supposedly on the way, so may want to get ahead of the game.


The technical features on this CGI/Live Action release are clean and crisp.The picture is presented in a Widescreen format that looks excellent throughout for the CGI though the Live Action segments donít seem to be as crisp as they should.The sound is presented in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surrounds that seem to miss their mark on consistency of power and seem weak at times, but overall good.The extras are nicely presented but not worth much offering the audience interviews with the voice cast, a Jewel music video (no thanks), in the recording studio with Jewel (no thanks, again), ĎBeautiful Dayí music video by Elijah, Some games trailer, and the film trailer.


The film supposedly had a good soundtrack, but this reviewer thinks it is just lukewarm.The film is fun and not too simplistic that it would bore adults.Overall, attempt to see the invisible.



-†† Michael P Dougherty II


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