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Category:    Home > Reviews > Anime > Action > Gangster > Comedy > Computer Animation > Tekkonkinkreet (Blu-ray)

Tekkonkinkreet (Blu-ray)


Picture: A-     Sound: B+     Extras: C     Film: B+



Black and White, two street kids that walk live in the Treasure Town.  Striving to just survive and live this world finding their place, by being the street smart and toughest kids in the neighborhood.  But in an ever changing world, things hardly stay the same, not with the town changing, Yakuzas and weirdoes moving in, the new replacing the old.  And when push comes to shove what will Black and White do?  When the gangsters start moving in, White gets caught in the crossfire and is taken into police.  How will Black go on?


Tekkonkinkreet is an amazing Animé, with surreal digital graphics and beautiful artwork, give Treasure Town both character and richness in details.  In a rundown, changing town, its scenery changes as the town gets renovated.  But the story revolves around two street urchins Black and White also know as the Cats.  Black ever consumed by violence and fighting, while White is filled with innocence, joy and happy thoughts, the two complement each other, BUT when changes start to happen, can Black afford to protect White and still be together?  Things start to get dangerous... In order to survive, Black appeals to the darker side of his nature, but can White save Black from becoming consumed by the darkness?


While at first I thought the character design was just abstract and weird, I was impressed by the amount of effort put into the creation of the city and how much detail and thought was put into the story.  It is filled with all kinds of symbolism (AKA Black and White, Yin and Yang) of not only the characters but the change from old to new, but even if a city changes, it's people don't change so as easy... It is interesting watching the two main characters Black and White and the connection that they share, and the reversal of the roles when Black begins to break down and lose himself that White ends up saving Black from the darkness... that even in an imperfect world, that each one has the pieces that the other is missing... the film explores the boundaries of imagination and the human mind.


The 1080p 2.35 X 1 digital High Definition image is very impressive, with sharpness, color richness and clarity that opens up a whole new avenue of visual excellence in Animé presentation after years of VHS, then DVD releases that have been one of the quietest boom markets in home video history.  The image quality delivered here will stun, please and excite Animé fans as the genre comes to Blu-ray for the first time.  The sound options are PCM 16/48 5.1 in both English and Japanese and both mixes work, though Animé fans will enjoy both and purists the latter.  The surrounds are nicely utilized and up there with the best DTS mixes we have heard on DVD in the genre.


Extras include The Making of Tekkonkinkreet - Director Michael Arias' 300 Day Diary, a conversation with director Michael Arias & British Music Duo Plaid and filmmaker feature length audio commentary.  That is much better than many Animé DVDs and hopefully will be typical of future Sony Blu-ray Animé releases.  Until then, don’t miss Tekkonkinkreet.



-   Ricky Chiang


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