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Category:    Home > Reviews > TV Situation Comedy > That 70ís Show - Season Seven (Fox/DVD-Video)

That 70ís Show - Season Seven (Fox/DVD-Video)


Picture: C+†††† Sound: C+†††† Extras: C+†††† Episodes: B-



Letís take one last trip down the street to Eric Formanís Basement, while the whole gang is still together.Now on DVD is That 70ís Show - Season Seven; the last season staring Topher Grace.The same old tricks and on going (inside) jokes still exist, but with this season the Ďkidsí seem to be getting a little more mature, while remaining their crazy selves.With new life changes happening Eric takes the year off to have fun before finding his true ambition, Donna has her Radio Station, Jackie gets a television talk show, Hyde owns a record store, Kelso is an absent minded cop, and best of all Fes finds his calling as a Shampoo Boy.One of the best comments about Fesí new job is when Donna states to Jackie ĎIt is like he has extra fingers!í with Jackie responding ĎHE MIGHT! Heís foreign.íThe show is pure gold and polyester!Nothing is lost and if anything this season is a step up from Season 6, which showed some of the series weaknesses.This last season with the whole cast present is not something to miss; showing the world why we fell in love with the series to begin with.


In this most recent installment of That 70ís series on DVD, nothing much at all has changed.The set is still presented on 4 Discs with a 650 minute running time overall and continues to be not very impressive in any of technical areas.


The picture quality continues to be surprisingly poor for being a newer FOX series, being presented (sadly again) in 1.33:1 Full Screen, this reviewer still is hoping for anamorphic widescreen on HD.  The picture quality is lackluster and seemingly washed; the DVD transfer still maintaining the poor and skewed brightness that all previous seasons demonstrated.  The sound is adequate but still less than the series deserves, being presented in odd Dolby Digital 2.1 Surround.  The extra features are similar to those included with previous seasons, but should have been greatly stepped up for this last season featuring Topher Grace as Eric Forman.  The few special features offered such as promo spots, 70ís flashback with Don Stark, ĎThat Seventh 70ís Seasoní featurette, a behind-the-scenes featurette and select audio commentaries are all uninteresting and poor quality.  The series an instant classic and will be watched, enjoyed, and laughed at for a long time, but the creators must step it up a notch to get better technicals and special features.


The series is not exactly the 1970ís, but a nostalgic coupling of the stereotypical 1970ís (minus the overburdening disco) and the timeless theme of friends growing up together, trying to find their place in the world makes the show a classic.This was the last truly great season of That 70ís Show; the Eighth Season merely being a final gasp of air.The Eighth Season will lose Topher Grace and bring in several new characters in an attempt to replace his presence, but the series original chemistry is lost.Still a GREAT Seven Season run is nothing to cough at.So fans should have no hesitation in picking up one of the best series around on its last great season.



-†† Michael P Dougherty II


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