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Category:    Home > Reviews > Comedy > Science Fiction > Fantasy > Computer Animation > Meet The Robinsons (Blu-ray + DVD)

Meet The Robinsons (Blu-ray + DVD)


Picture: A-/B+     Sound: A-/B     Extras: A     Film: B+



Wow!  This reviewer was thoroughly impressed by the film and the surprisingly imaginative journey presented with Meet The Robinsons on DVD.  A viewer is always expecting a certain level of creativity and innovation from Disney, but Meet The Robinsons has gone to infinity and beyond.


The story of Meet The Robinsons follows the classic archetype of a young boy who never knew his family.  The main character, Lewis, was dropped at the doorstep of an orphanage as a baby and spent most of his childhood trying to be placed into a new home; but 124 adoption interviews later Lewis is still at the orphanage.  If there is something Lewis is as passionate about as finding a family, it is inventing.  Lewis’ inventions don’t always seem to workout but his spirit is never broken.  Upon having his 124th adoption rejection Lewis decides enough is enough; but at that moment Lewis has a brilliant idea, if he could invent something that would jog his memory to reveal what his mother looked like, maybe, just maybe he could find her.  After months of research, testing, failure, and everything in between, Lewis finally has success and enters his ‘memory scanner’ into the yearly Science Fair.


At the Science Fair there are varieties of characters, but two in particular standout.  One is a mysterious, cloaked man in a Bowler Hat and the other a hyperactive, pointed haired kid named Wilbur.  Wilbur claims to be a Time Officer from the future and Wilbur is in grave danger; soon enough the audience learns that is at least half true.  Soon, Lewis finds himself, along with his new friend Wilbur, thrust into the future where a whole new world opens up for him.  In a world of robots, giant octopuses, dogs with glasses, and singing frogs Wilbur finally thinks he has found his true family and where he belongs.  Is it too good to be true?  Will Wilbur save himself from predicted doom?  And just who is that mysterious man in the bowler hat?  It sure ain’t John Steed from The Avengers.


The film was brilliant and action packed.  At no point was this reviewer bored, due to a gripping story line infused with humor and a degree of mystery.  One of the two ventures that Disney has done recently without Pixar Studios, Meet The Robinsons proved to be a smashing success, demonstrating that on its own, Disney’s still got it.


The technical features on this CGI Disney DVD are especially good.  From picture to extras the features all manage to impress.  The 1080p 1.78 X 1 digital High Definition image on then Blu-ray version is stunning, matching Chicken Little (reviewed elsewhere on this site) as another amazing HD performer.  Instead of a storybook style, this one is modernist Science Fiction reborn when we go into thee future.  Think Jetsons.  As you may know, the film was released in 3-D and although you cannot see that with this version, if your HD set up is refined enough, you should be able to get an idea at times of what that might have been like.


Though the standard DVD cannot compete, it is still sports an impressive picture, presented in an excellent 1.78 X 1 Widescreen anamorphically enhanced for 16 X 9 televisions.  The picture remains crisp and solid throughout with the colors in balance and little to no light/dark issues.  The sound quality sounds a tad compressed at times but overall is excellent in its Disney Dolby Digital 5.1 Surrounds.  The great soundtrack used for the film truly comes alive with its 5.1 surrounds and the futuristic noises, voice acting, and other sound texture aspects are extremely well presented.  That soundtrack exists on both versions, but cannot beat the PCM 24/48 5.1 mix, which is richer, with an even more accurate soundfield and one of the more complex mixes for any animated feature.  At its best, it reminded me of the cleverness of The Incredibles.


The extras are definitely Grade ‘A’ with many features for fans and Disney enthusiast to enjoy.  The extras include such great elements as deleted scenes with commentaries that are both insightful and interesting into the films development process.  Other special features also help the audience understand the film’s development process with the expansive ‘Inventing the Robinsons’ feature that has where the original idea game from, voice casting, and much more.  There is also a full audio commentary with the director and other special guests, some game features, and two very good music videos.  With so many films using poor music choices that are simply unexhilarating, Meet The Robinsons was a pleasant surprise with the music styles of The All American Rejects, Rob Thomas, Danny Elfman, The Jonas Brothers, and many more.  Overall, the special features on this DVD are insightful, rewatchable, and continue in the Disney tradition of making a classic with family fun.


Meet The Robinsons is an excellent film and one of the best animated/CGI features this reviewer has seen in a while.  The film even trumps the last combined Disney/Pixar venture Cars (reviewed elsewhere on this site) that this reviewer also enjoyed for its own reasons.  Meet The Robinsons maintains a great sense of humors throughout that both children and adults will find entertaining with its blend of mature yet subtle comedy.  In the end, Meet The Robinsons was a creative venture with a heartfelt message that proved to the world why Disney is still one of the best.



-   Michael P Dougherty II


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