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Category:    Home > Reviews > TV Situation Comedy > Scrubs – The Complete Sixth Season (DVD-Video)

Scrubs – The Complete Sixth Season (DVD-Video)


Picture: B-     Sound: B-     Extras: B-     Episodes: A-



My heart rate is rapidly increasing.  I have butterflies in my stomach.  And the upchuck reflex that most of television induces has suddenly ceased.  This can only mean one thing; a new season of Scrubs is available on DVD.  Now on DVD for all stethoscope chasers to enjoy is Scrubs: The Complete Sixth Season.  This season picks up where Season Five left off.  JD (Zack Braff) has just gotten Dr. Kim Briggs (Elizabeth Banks of 40 Year Old Virgin) pregnant [no so much on purpose either] and they discuss where their lives our going now that this ‘bundle of joy’ has been thrust upon them.  Meanwhile, there must be something in the water at Sacred Heart because Turk and Carla, as well as Dr. Cox and Jordan are awaiting the births of their own children.  That makes it number 2 for team Cox/Jordan and 1 for team Turk/Carla (for all those who were counting).


Not much has changed in terms of the series.  The characters are still all a bit offbeat and zany, but maintain a degree of odd professionalism that ensures that series is not some medical variety hour.  The series started off as a slight drama with a dash of comedy and since has recast itself as a comedy with a dash of drama.  Overall, a good move; since there are already enough Medical Dramas on television today.  I mean really start the count; Grey’s Anatomy, E.R., Private Practice, HOUSE M.D., General Hospital, Nip/Tuck and those are just the series off the top of my head.  There are plenty of other medical series out there that were also thrown into the mix and just were not edgy or creative enough to have staying power.  From the list above this reviewer can say some are amongst his favorite series, others have outworn their welcome, and other just won’t last very long. 


Scrubs is one of the few series in recent years that has managed to capture the hearts, minds, and funny bones of a wide ranging audience.  Even in syndication on several networks Scrubs is a top rated series (granted the picture quality is God awful).  It is just a shame that NBC for the last several years has messed with Scrubs time slot and in turn detracted from audience viewership.  In other ways, however, it seems that a 6 season (soon to be Seven) run was a good go and it is time to gracefully bow-out; something other series have failed to do in the past.  The Seventh and Final Season which is currently airing on NBC is the network’s way, if nothing else, of giving the cast and writers of Scrubs their curtain call and a chance to tie up all loose ends.  The Sixth Season on DVD leaves many cliffhangers and it would be a shame it those never got resolved; too often that unresolved nature being the fate of many canceled series.


Another key feature the Sixth Season is the ‘My Musical’ episode; which, yes, you guessed it, is a MUSICAL!  In many ways the audiences’ cries have finally been answered. Scrubs is a series that has been so well suited to be adapted into a musical from its very beginning that with the final season approaching it was now or never.  The series has always used a serene blend of Rock, Indie, and Pop music (new and old) to emphasize scenes and elaborate upon themes.  Adapting the series into a musical was a natural progression.  For the ‘My Musical’ episode the creators/writers of the series enlisted the help of the Tony Award winning crew of the hit Broadway Show Avenue Q, as well as some of the original cast of that Broadway hit.  The heart of this episode was pure Broadway and it was done so fantastically; also amazing to observe was the plethora of hidden musical talent among Scrubs cast.  This one episode really took the series to a new level of greatness and with love ballot songs like ‘Man Love’ between Turk and JD, how could audiences not fall in love with Scrubs all over again?


The technical features of this 3 disc, 24 episode set are quite good but as always need to be scrubbed up.  The picture once again is presented in 1.33:1 full screen that continues to at times have an unbalanced and skewed quality, but seems to be a step up from any previous season.  Though it has been stated before, Scrubs was the last NBC series to switch into the HD filming format, and with the start of season 5 fans of the series finally get to view the groundbreaking series kicked up a notch; though some film quality that was apparent in older seasons is missing in this HD approach.  And though they may all be MDs you bet I can’t wait to see these doctors in HD.  The sound is once again being presented in a Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound that continues to elaborate and highlight the use of music throughout the episodes, as well as giving the comedic chaos of the series a good ‘POP’ quality also.


The extras on this 3 Disc set are better than any previous season, but do not necessarily have a rewatchable quality.  Extras include The Making of My Musical, Judy Reyes Keeps talking featurette that is basically a behind the scenes with the actress behind Carla Espinosa, deleted scenes, alternate lines, outtakes, audio commentaries and a few hidden Easter Eggs.  Overall, though the extras are plentiful this reviewer found them to be drab and dry after a while; with the exception of the Outtakes, which were hilarious.


Though the chart may be closing and going to the dead records office for Scrubs, audiences will always remember the laughs that the series gave us.  Plus, with the series in syndication and doing so well at that the series will never be far away.  Overall, Scrubs is a definite buy on DVD and will be a great addition to any collection.  So put on those latex gloves, grab a bowl of popcorn and get ready for a dose of great comedy.



-   Michael P Dougherty II


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