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Tokko – Volume Three (Manga Animé DVD)


Picture: C     Sound: C     Extras: B     Episodes: B



Shindo Ranmaru and his sister Saya after witnessing the mass murders including his parents, joins the police in order to find out who was behind their murders. But uncovering the truth of the gruesome murders that these mass murders were not even done by humans but of demons known as Phantom, only the Tokko division a special force stands between humanity and the demons. But even more shocking is Tokko is made up of the survivors of the mass murders, that they have become symbiotic and given tattoos when they 'awaken' powers as survivors of massacre to destroy the Phantom.
As Ranmaru digs deeper for the truth to the past, his powers, and to protect his sister Saya, he has a flashback of a mysterious woman, Sakura Rokujo who turns out to be another survivor like him. Upon 'awakening' onto his new powers he joins the Tokko division and Sakura. Together they fight for their lost past and each other, but what will they find when they discover the truth and where their powers came from?
A short 13 episode series of horror, demons and a lot of blood comprise the series.  Demons secretly lurking in the dark preying upon mankind, this series focuses often on dark horror. Unfortunately the action scenes of the monsters look like pieces falling apart and the blood looks like ketchup. The character however are amusing when they are not in combat in the fact that all of the members look like biker members wearing black and carrying swords along with all the policeman who look and act more like mafia members that any uniformed police.
It is isn't the greatest of anime out there, but if you like the anime series GTO the art style is similar along with the character design and personality, where there is nothing like a little violence to answer the problem. It is counter balanced-with the comical relationships between the characters and their relationship and their on going bickering as the save the day. Towards the end however it makes an effort and gives the story a dark twist and doesn't have the usual happily ever after ending making the viewer think if there is going to be a second series.
Episode 10: Trembling
As Ranmaru gets closer to the truth, he gets possessed by demons, Sakura enters his mind to save him. But if she fails then both then both of them will die!
Episode 11: Prison
Sakura has been fighting to protect her little brother, but what happens when her brother goes over the other side?
Episode 12: Rage
The Tokko division is caught in a trap and Ranmaru sister Saya is taken hostage, can this be the end of the Tokko division?
Episode 13: Dark
The Phantom plans to turn Saya into a demon, but in order to save her, does it mean Ranmaru must become one? To make the ultimate sacrifice or to lose the Phantoms... what will Ranmaru choose?


Once again, we get a combination of anamorphically enhanced 1.78 X 1 picture and Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo in both English and Japanese with Pro Logic surrounds.  Extras include a making of piece and stills.



-   Ricky Chiang


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